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Cuckold Classifieds in Winston Salem, Wife Arousal

Welcome to Winston Salem and to our cuckold personals and classified ads. The city is called the "Twin City" for its dual heritage, and the "Camel City" as a reference to the city's historic involvement in the tobacco industry related to locally based R. J. Reynolds' Camel cigarettes. In addition to all that touristy stuff, there are also married wives who, together with their husbands, place ads to find single males to help satisfy the wife.

Wife getting Anal!

The Start - I came home a night early from a work trip, it was late though, probably like 1am. I came in quietly so as not to wake anyone, went to the kitchen to see some empty beer bottles, spirits out, a few glasses lying around, my wife must have had some friends round, maybe she'd be up and still horny.

As I started to walk up the stairs I could hear sounds, was she on the phone? As I got closer I heard her moan "mmmmmmmmm" fuck she was getting off, as I slowed my movements I heard another voice, a man's voice, "Yeah, fucking take it," fuck, some guy was in there, what the fuck?

This took place in Toledo where we used to live.

Curiosity - I moved closer, you can get a pretty good view into our bedroom from across the landing. All I could see though was some young guys ass, with my wife's legs wrapped around it, quickly going up and down. "Fuck yes, fuck me with your big cock," she moaned, "Uuuuurrrrggghhhh, yes" fuck she was loving this.

I stood motionless, angry but so turned on seeing my wife like that.

"Fuck me like my husband doesn't." fuck she was really letting go here, at that he pulled her up and got her on all fours. I got a good view of his cock, must have been 8 inches easy. He pushed her head down and slid it right back in her cunt.

"Fuck I love fucking you, wish your husband went away more often," how many times had she fucked this guy? "Hhhhhhmmmmmmm" she moaned as he thrust into her quicker and quicker.

I'm still standing there in shock, but I'm rock hard now, I've pulled my cock out and I'm jerking watching this guy, probably half my wife's age, fucking her senseless. "Harder, like that, yes that's it, quicker," she moaned, his hand reached round, and started rubbing at her clit, his other on her hips pounding away.

More Moaning - "Yes, yes, yes, uuuurrrrgggghhhh," she let out a moan like I'd never heard, "Oh god, yeeeaaassss," as she pushed back onto him.

He didn't let up on her immediately, fucking through her orgasm. Eventually he slowly slid his cock out of her. I jerked hard to the site of his big cock, he left it there, just resting on her ass cheeks.

He started to slide it along her ass crack, as she wriggled her ass on it. Then he starts to push at her, slower though, "Fuck babe, what are you doing," she moans, "Fuck I've wanted this ass," he shouts, "Tell me how my cock head feels pushing in," fuck my wife never lets me even touch her ass.

"Uuurrrggghhh, it's so big, just go slow," fuck she's letting him push it in, he slowly thrusts into her, he must be all the way in now, as he starts to try to slide back out. I've never been so angry, and so turned on. I can't hold back and I spunk all over the floor. He's thrusting in and out now, gently, but my wife is definitely getting her ass fucked.

Her hand moves back to slow him, he pushes it away, "Oh god, my ass can't take it, fuck, fuck," she's moaning now though. "Beg for my cock, beg for it in your ass," he tells her, "Fuck, fuck," is all he gets back, "Tell me you want my cock in your ass," he's not letting up, as he quickens inside her. "Yes, fuck it," she finally gives him back.

He's moaning hard now, "Fucking take it, take it, fuck your ass is so tight," he gives her, he's pounding her like he was in her pussy. How can she take it like that, she never even let me put a finger up there?

She's moaning though, her hand goes under and she's rubbing her clit. "Yes fuck me with your young cock, be the first guy to cum in there." That's all he needs as he starts to grunt and quicken, "Fuck, uuuurrggghhh, fuck," he pulls her hard into him, as he unloads in her ass, thrusting a few more times, as she let's out a hard moan as he does, his body pushing her down on the bed.

Aftermath - I stand watching their bodies collapse, my cock hardening again, as I watch him pull out of her ass, sitting over her, wiping his massive cock clean on my wife's ass.

He moves to get up, I quickly move into the spare room, as he jumps in the bathroom I hear the shower go on. I creep out, into our bedroom, my wife is still face down, I can see the cum on her ass, dripping out her asshole.

I take my phone out and quietly record it for as long as I can, before I jump out as the shower stops, hiding in the spare room as he comes out. .

What am I doing, fuck I'm so turned on, I'm hard again, why didn't I say something.


Winston-Salem has a lot to offer. There are plenty of wives who want to try naughty things in bed with a younger male to give it to them in the ass. Just check out the ads to see who's online.

A Cuckold Man

A Cuckold Man

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