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Welcome to Toledo and to our cuckold personals and classified ads. The city is known as the 'Glass City' and there's a long history of glass industry here. It's not just the glass capital of the country, but it's the 'Glass Capital of the World'. Not just glass art, which they have in abundance, but everything from bottles to windows. In addition to all that touristy stuff, there are also married wives who, together with their husbands, place ads to find single males to help satisfy the wife.

Wife and my Friend!

The Start - My wife and I are both in our 20s, but we have been a couple since we were 12 years old, and friends since we were 10 years old. Neither of us have ever been intimate with anyone else, and we've experienced all our, "firsts" together.

We are a classic childhood sweetheart couple. She has always been very shy, modest, and conservative. To this day she has never sent myself or anyone else nudes, nor has she ever been with anyone other than myself. Except that one time.

This is when we lived in Newark but now reside in Toledo to put the story into context.

That One Time - When we were 18 years old after graduation, we were at the beach with a group of friends. It was around midnight and we were finally leaving when one of our friends asked if he could get a ride back to our new hometown, which was about 1.5hrs away.

I said yeah no problem. Him and my wife (girlfriend of 6 years at the time, we will call her "A") were both super happy and still taking shots together right before we left - I was the sober designated driver. He got in the back seat and "A" decided to sit next to him.

Neither of them had ever expressed interest in each other before, and he had been a friend of mine for nearly 10 years so it didn't alarm me at all. Almost immediately she leaned her head over and laid it on his lap, and he put his arm around her. He was only wearing shorts, and she was only wearing a two-piece bikini.

Through the rear view mirror, I noticed that they were softly feeling each other up. So I spoke up and asked if I was going to take them to a room together. I thought that would snap them out of it and stop them, but it actually encouraged them to keep going. He slowly slid his hand under her bikini bottom and felt her ass while she slipped her hand under his shorts to feel his thigh.

At that point I was shocked and didn't know what to say. Within minutes I could tell she was holding his dick under his shorts and he had a firm grip on her naked ass. I decided not to say anything to see how far they'd push it.

It Begins - I couldn't believe my girlfriend was in the back seat holding my friend's dick while I was chaffering them home. She had never felt anyone else's dick other than my own until then. Her and I made eye contact through the rear view mirror and she grinned at me before pulling his shorts all the way down, and eventually off.

My face got tomato red when she was shocked at his size, which was noticeably bigger than me. She licked around his tip a few times before inserting his whole dick into her mouth slowly and sensually. It barely fit.

She sucked him off for a while, meanwhile he had his right hand all the way down her bikini bottom aggressively grabbing her ass. His left hand was on her head as she was bobbing up and down, sucking his dick. During this, he untied her top and threw it up to the front seat at me.

She laughed at that but her laugh was muffled because his dick had her mouth full. A few seconds later her bottom was in the front seat with me too. They were both completely undressed and nude in the back seat while she gave him head. He finally began to play with her pussy which sent her into a quiver.

She deep throated him when he finished, and the whole thing lasted probably 20 minutes. She ended up swallowing, which actually made me really mad bc she never even let me (her boyfriend of 6 years at the time) finish in her mouth before. Yet he (just a friend) got to cum down her throat and watch her swallow all of it.

She later told me that she wasn't going to let him cum in her mouth until he slipped two fingers inside her before he came. That, she said, brought out her submissiveness so she deep throated him and swallowed every drop. On top of that, they were both moaning loud as fuck when he finished.

There I was, driving my girlfriend's car while my friend blew his load in my childhood sweetheart's mouth in the back seat while his fingers were in her pussy. After he finished she kept sucking and stroking him for a few minutes before passing out with her head in his naked lap. He stayed awake a little while longer, I could see he was still touching her pussy, and he asked me if I was doing alright driving.

I was Turned On - I simply said I was good. He fell asleep a little while after that and I still had over 45 minutes to go before we got to his place. When we got there, he put his shorts back on, she put a t-shirt on, and I helped him unload a cooler from the trunk. Before we parted, he extended his hand to shake as a farewell. I felt like such a clown shaking his hand in front of "A" knowing where his hand had just been. "A" got in the front seat with me, smiled, and leaned over to kiss me.

I was filled with jealousy and rage but I've never been so turned on in my life and I couldn't bring myself to be mad at her. We never talked much about it afterwards, mostly because I was ashamed that I liked it so much.

But she knew it turned me on. My friend and I still talk every day and he sees "A" a few times a year when we're at social gatherings together, but it never led to anything more between them. It was a quick one-night-stand in the back seat of a car that I was driving.

"A" has been the love of my life since I was in fifth grade. I was her first boyfriend, her first kiss, her first fuck, and now I'm her husband.

I have always treated her with the upmost respect, pampered her with gifts, and shown her unconditional love and support. My friend has done none of those things for her, yet he still got to experience her giving him a naked blowjob. And then he got to watch her swallow his cum. To this day she has never swallowed my cum, let alone allow me to finish in her mouth. But my friend who does nothing for her, who doesn't care about her? She let him do it. She let him cum in her mouth while she was gagging on his dick.


Toledo has a lot to offer. There are plenty of wives who want to try naughty things in bed with other men that they won't do with their husbands. Just check out the ads to see who's online.

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