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Cuckold Classifieds in Newark, Horny Wife feeling Frisky

Welcome to Newark and to our cuckold personals and classified ads. The city is known as the Gateway City. As one of the major transportation hubs in the United States, Newark serves as a gateway to the New York metropolitan area. In addition to all that touristy stuff, there are also married wives who, together with their husbands, place ads to find single males to help satisfy the wife.

Pillow Talk!

The Start - Every time we fucked, we'd end up talking dirty about my wife taking other guys cocks. Always such a turn on hearing her say it, beg for it, "Would you let him fuck you?" "Yes, yes, I want it!" One night after we'd been out, she was particularly horny, as we lay in bed, me slowly fingering her from behind.

"Did you see that big guy in front of us?" she moans, "the big guy?" "he looked so hot", I've one hand wrapped round her rubbing her clit, as my other fingers her slowly. She's moaning now, "Yeah you like that big guy, you'd like his big cock?" I whisper in her ear, "yeah fuck, I want it" she shouts, "I bet his cock is massive" "you want a big massive cock do you?" I shout now, "yes, I want it, fuck, stretch me out with it", she moans as she cums on my fingers.

I should mention we were in Lincoln but now reside in Newark in case you want to know where we are from and stuff.

More about Her & this Sex - I'd watched my wife getting fingered, licked and fucked before, but never with a big cock. As ever these things escalated quickly, by her having already sorted something before speaking to me, knowing I'd be up for it.

"So I've been chatting to this guy John," she says, "Ok" I say giving her the eyes, suggesting I can see where this is going. "He's an accountant, works in the city, really hot, big body, big cock...", "do I need to ask how you know about his cock" I say, she moves over and shows me some photos, and fuck she's right its massive, not just long but fat. I'm starting to get hard myself just imagining it. She gives my cock a squeeze, seeing my face.

"John says he's free this weekend, we could book a hotel and meet him..." she says with a big grin.

Here we are again then, in a hotel, waiting for my wife to get fucked. The tension and nervousness combined with how horny I am is a powerful combination. We're both buzzing, and chatting, we've had a couple of drinks.

She's getting dressed up, although I can't imagine it'll stay on long, she has some stockings and suspenders on under her dress, which look amazing. She's just doing her earrings when there's a knock on the door. I jump up off the bed.

It Begins - She opens the door, "Hi John" they embrace with a big hug, his hand wrapping round her.

He's calm, confident, we all chat for a bit, he seems like a nice guy, after we finish our next drink my wife moves over to him "how about you sit with me on the bed John?", she stands up and as he sits on the bed, she takes her dress off, standing in front of him, lacy blue matching bra and panties, with her stocking and suspenders on, "wow" is all he musters, as she moves over to him.

She straddles him on the bed as they start to kiss, he kicks off his socks and shoes and unbuttons his trousers, pulling them down so he's just in his boxers. His hands move to her arse now, caressing her, before his fingers start to inch inside her panties.

His big fingers must be as big as most guys cocks. Slowly he slides them inside the side, before she moans as his fingers must find her pussy.

I sit back on the chair, take my trousers of to get my cock out, and start jerking to the sight of it. He slides his other hand down the front of her body now, his hand sliding down her waist into her knickers, his fingers must now be on her clit and pushing into her.

"Hhhhmmmmmmmm" "yes john, right there" she moans, "your pussy feels so good", she starts to writhe on him, trying to fuck his fingers, as he moves her over on her back, he pulls her fingers away and starts to kiss down her front.

He removes her bra as he kisses down her, then slides her knickers off as he stands in front of her, and removes all his clothes. His cock springing out. It must be 9/10 inches long, I stare at it as I jerk, looks even better than the pictures.

It keeps going - He moves down and pushes his face into her cunt, his tongue finding her clit, lapping at her pussy juices, as his fingers get back to fucking her. "Yes, yes, yes" she moans, her legs squash his face, as she cums hard "uuuurrrgggghhh", he wastes no time though, he moves up her, and just starts sliding his cock along her pussy, rubbing his massive length along her pussylips. I move round to get a better view, so hot seeing her try to push up to take him, as he just dry humps her, driving her wild.

Finally he starts to push into her pussy, the sight of his massive cock, pushing her tight married pussy apart is too much, and I spunk all over the floor. I move in closer to watch as he pulls her legs up to his shoulders and pushes all the way in. "fuck its so big, uuuurrrggghhh, aaaarrrggghh" she moans as he starts really fucking her, "fuck my married pussy," she shouts.

She's really getting going now. "You like by big cock do you, beg me for it" he shouts. I love it when whoever's fucking my wife has a dirty mouth "yes I want it, fuck me with it, fill me up" she moans, "more" he says, "more" he shouts. "Fuck my married pussy, fuck me, fill me up like my husband cant". I'm rock hard again just at the sound of her, the sight of her, she's shouting, sweating, bright red.

He pulls out, and pulls her on top of him, her pussy looks so stretched, not sure she'll ever want or need another dick. She straddles him and he pulls her down on to his massive cock. I watch from behind as she rides him and he fucks her hard from below. "fuck I love married pussy" he shouts, "yeeeeeaaahhhh, fuuuuccckkk, uurrrrggghhh" is all she giving back now "fffuuucccccckkkk" she moans as her legs start to shake, it usually takes much more than this to make her cum, but she's gone here.

She cums again hard on his cock as he just keeps fucking through it. "uuuuuurrrrgggghhhh" he shouts, as he pulls her balls deep and unloads in her pussy. I'm pounding my cock again, what a sight. She collapses on to him, he pushes her to the side and stands up, she lays there spent, cum starting to drip out of her. He stands next to me, eying my wife up, with his rock hard cock, glistening with her juices and his cum. He definitely doesn't look like a man that's finished for the night. I stand jerking, as he smiles at me, and starts to move back to the bed.


Newark has a lot to offer. There are plenty of wives who want to get nailed and railed by other men who are not their husbands. Just check out the ads to see who's online.

A Cuckold Man

A Cuckold Man

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