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Welcome to St-Petersburg and to our cuckold personals and classified ads. This sity is known for its pleasant weather (hence its "Sunshine City" nickname), making it popular for golfing, boating, fishing and beachgoing. Its waterfront parks host the Dali Museum, featuring surrealist works of art; the Museum of Fine Arts. In addition to all that touristy stuff, there are also married wives who, together with their husbands, place ads to find single males to help satisfy the wife.

Swinging led to me being Cucked!

The Start - My wife and I have been dating for about 3 years now and have been into the swinging lifestyle for about a year and a half now.

Initially we never really considered cucking as it was not something either of us looked into or thought we'd enjoy.

We wanted to try a foursome with another couple though and ended up deciding on doing that with her best friend and her best friend's husband.

So we met up one evening and both me and her husband were waiting on the bed until our girlfriends came in. They both wore matching black lingerie sets and looked insanely hot. They told us to stand up and stand next to each other, then the both of them got on their knees in front of us, his wife in front of me, my wife in front of him.

This was in Henderson before we moved to St-Petersburg.

Together - They both took out our cocks at the same time, I looked over to see how big he was compared to me, (I was really confident in my size and how good I am in bed as I always heard that I was the biggest and the best guy the girls I've been with ever had), to my surprise he was about the same size maybe a bit bigger than me soft, while I looked over my wife was also surprised by how big he was soft and said: that he's the first guy she has seen that's comparable to me.

Meanwhile his wife just smirked at mine without saying much as if it wasn't anything special (I was surprised that time, but in hindsight I definitely I understood why that was the case). So both my and his wife got started on our cocks and I just concentrated myself on his wife. She was a bit better with her tongue than my wife, but the biggest difference was how deep she could go.

It didn't take long till I came and she swallowed all of it, after it she tried getting me hard again, but I couldn't as I always need a break to recharge. Meanwhile I looked over as my wife was still working on him and I couldn't believe what I was seeing; the guy I thought to be similar in size to me grew crazy big and my wife tried her best and really struggled with his size.

At the same time his wife still tried to get me hard again, but I just couldn't get it up anymore and she told me to just sit back on the bed and recover while she'd help my wife, so she got over next to my wife and starting licking the exposed parts of his shaft, his balls and pushed my wife's head further down the cock.

That was the first time I have ever watched from the sidelines, in that moment I still was kinda confused as to how someone could be that big, and cum after me while seeing two of them with him - double stimulation.

It continues - After a bit of time he did cum on both of their faces. After my wife and her best friend licked both sides of his cock to finish him off, they both licked it off each other's faces and tits, and swapped it from mouth to mouth a couple of times while looking up at his face. The whole time neither my wife nor his wife really paid attention to me and were fully focused on his cock, they didn't even look over once.

I thought as he came on them, that we'd like make out and that kinda stuff, while both me and him recharged, but he didn't turn soft afterwards, his big thing was still rockhard and throbbing. My wife looked over to me after her and her best friend finished swapping his cum around and saw me soft and looked over at his hard cock. She asked if I'd mind if they'd continue till I could join again. I felt a bit left out, but at the same time didn't want to be that guy, and to be honest, him with them both looked pretty hot, so I agreed.

He took my wife and her best friend and bent them over next to me on the bed, they were both already dripping wet and he first went into my wife and I will never forget how she sounded, and the face she made. Like a virgin. And now, I see that face she maked all the time in my head, she simply was overwhelmed with pleasure, and it continued to increase as he moved into her more and more.

I got hard again after seeing that for a bit and he switched to his wife. She had the exact same look on her face and made the sound as my wife. I was ready and finally went into my wife and it somehow felt a bit different compared to how it usually is, and her reaction to my cock was also less than it usually was. Unlike it usually is for me the second time around, me I came quite fast again after being in my wife a short time, and was on the sidelines once again, while her best friend's husband was still going strong.

My wife went over to the 2 of them to join them again, while I couldn't contribute as I was soft. He asked me if I could sit on the chair instead of the bed as I'd be in the way of the 3 of them, I complied.

The Finish - That's the way it went for the rest of the night. When I got hard again I joined them but couldn't last long and took my spot on the chair again. Meanwhile both my wife and his wife kept paying more and more attention to him (even tho that is really something I figured out when I looked back at that night, and to be honest it's also understandable).

After he was completely done with them both, my wife and his wife were trembling with exhaustion, at that point I was spent for quite a long time already and just watched from the chair.

We met up in that way quite often after that as we all had fun, but my time on the chair increased and increased. I didnt mind as I continuously liked the sight of him with them more and more.

Finally, one day, as I was waiting for the girls with him on the bed, our wive's came in and told me to just sit on the chair from the get-go. I was a bit confused at the beginning and asked them what they meant. They told me to just sit over there enjoy the show and not be in the way.

I should have been angry, but weirdly I happily complied and really just watched and that's the way it went from then on and honestly, I love it that way. Her best friend's hubby has been our bull ever since.


St-Petersburg has a lot to offer. There are plenty of wives who want to have sex with their male friends, or the people they are in contact with much of the time. Just check out the ads to see who's online.

A Cuckold Man

A Cuckold Man

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