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Welcome to Henderson and to our cuckold personals and classified ads. Over half a century ago during a visit to Southern Nevada, President John F. Kennedy predicted that the then fledgling City of Henderson was a, "city of destiny." In addition to all that touristy stuff, there are also married wives who, together with their husbands, place ads to find single males to help satisfy the wife.

Wife had Sexual Chemistry with Another!

The Start - My wife Caitlin, 28, works for a small company and each shift only has two people to run the store because of how slow the business is. Caitlin is very attractive and is the kind of girl to turn heads. She has small boobs, a very nice round butt, nice thighs, long brown hair and nice smooth skin. Her 5'5 figure is fantastic and I'm so lucky to have her.

So I can only imagine what her coworker Ethan, 26, must think about her. Ethan is only a little taller than her, but I see why girls may find him attractive. He's a natural redhead with really curly hair, freckles, and he has an average, somewhat built physique.

We used to live in in Buffalo but are in henderson now.

Together - Caitlin and Ethan work the morning shift, while I work the night shift at my factory job. Sometimes before I go to work, I'll drop by the store to buy something and said hi to my wife. Over time I started noticing the chemistry between Caitlin and Ethan. I would come in and see him and her having a good laugh and how close they would be next to each other. I could tell even from the few minutes I would stop by, they were getting close. When I would stand at the counter to pay, there was this kind of awkwardness in air, as if something was being hidden from me. I felt like a buzz kill.

As time went on, before I would walk in, i would peer through the windows and see Ethan poking her and tickling her. They would stop as I walked through the door, but I could see the smiles on their faces and the chemistry between them was growing stronger.

On our days off together, I began to comment on how good of friends her and Ethan were and she would agree but assured me there were no deep feelings. But the way she would talk about him was off putting.

She would say things like, "he's so funny. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time," or "he is just so adorable! So cute! He's my goofball," or "he's just so down to earth and genuine and we are like the same person."

Things like that gave me a clue that there was something deeper between them. But I am a closeted cuck, so I didn't confront her about it, because I secretly wanted to see how far this would go.

More Backstory - So on the day of question, I was getting off of work early, since our equipment needed some maintenance and upgrades. So I get off three hours early. I decide that I was going to surpise Caitlin being home early. So I turn off my life 360, and snap map so she wouldn't know I was coming and I headed home. When I got to our apartment I sneak in and I see no lights on and I hear Thumping and light moaning sounds from the bedroom. So I slowly move over to our bedroom and I see the door is cracked.

I peaked in through the crack and she my wife sitting on the floor butt naked, with a redhead man's dick down her throat. Then I realized, Ethan's dick in her mouth. She was leaned up against the bed as Ethan mounted her face and slowly humped her face. I saw her drool and his juices leaking down her face onto her small boobs. She had her hands down her side while Ethan held her head still with one hand and held himself up on the edge of the bed with the other.

I peered around and saw their clothes scattered around the floor at the foot of the bed. I leaned back from the door and felt a whirlwind of emotions. My girl was cheating on me, but it was so hot, but scary at the sametime. It's hard to describe the exact feeling. But I'm hard at this point, and I peered back in and continue to watch my wife get faced fucked. He would softly moan and from time to time would take his dick out her mouth and she would catch her breath.

After a few repetitions of face fucking, she got on her knees and sucked his dick. He then said, "oh Cait, I want to feel that pussy on this dick!" She stood up and I backed from the door and heard her say, "come on inside." And he said, "cum in inside," which she replied with a kiss and I heard her lay in the bed and a light moan from her.

I looked back through the door and saw Ethan between Caitlin's legs, fucking her missionary style. He humped her slow and with passion. From the angle of our door to the bed, I could see them laying on the edge of the bed, and his raw dick in my wife. Her pussy wrapped his dick and she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him in to make out.

Each thrust rocked the bed, and I watched my wife make love with another man. His dick coated in my wife's pussy juices. Her pussy probably mixed with his precum.

He started sucking her tits and Ethan sucking Caitlin's neck when she stopped him and I stepped back. And she said, "No hickeys, don't want hubby to find out!" And then I heard sucking sounds and look again to see them right back on pace.

The Deed - They rolled over soon after with her on top now and rotated to be off the edge of the bed. I could see her grind her on his dick and then it slipped out and it was so hot watching her grab it and slide it back in. She then leaned down, with her small boobs on his face and I heard him kissing in-between them. She rode him and made out with him and then he said, "I'm going to cum!"

And she replied, "yeeessss, I want it all!" She said firmly on his dick and rotated her hips in a circle and he thrusted into her. I backed away from the door and my heart sounded in my chest. I knew I had to get out of there fast before they came out.

I drove my car down the block to a different apartment building and walked over to where I could see our apartment. I waited for Ethan to come out and 20 minutes later, he came out and drove away and I gathered myself and went in to Caitlin like I knew nothing. I put on Oscar award winning level of acting.

This was six months ago, and i think they do this a few days a week. But I rarely get out of work early to see. But I am thinking about confronting her and opening up as a cuck.

But that 45 minutes of her fucking another guy, was the most exciting and anxious moments of my life.


Henderson has a lot to offer. There are plenty of wives who want to flirt with their coworkers, or the people they are in contact with much of the time. Just check out the ads to see who's online.

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A Cuckold Man

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