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Cuckold Classifieds in San Jose , Wife Presents her Bare Toes

Welcome to San Jose and to our cuckold personals and classified ads. This city is known for it's rolling hills that envelop it and architectural landmarks, from the 1883 Italianate-style Oddfellows building to Spanish Colonial Revival structures. In addition to all that touristy stuff, there are wives who like to cuck their men.

How I Cuckold my Husband

The Start - When I was younger, my best friend and I made a pack to lose our cherries before graduation. I was very inquisitive about sex and dicks. Me and Cindy would have sleep overs and share information about guys and who we were crushing on. We also shared information about sexually pleasing ourselves and boys.

We talked about masturbation, jerking off guys, and giving head. We would jokingly talk about who's dicks we wanted to suck. We would get so horny, that we would openly masturbate in front of each other. I'll admit, my curiosity about girls was strong. We were extremely close and always together. Cindy was the first to get fucked. I'll never forget, she called me as soon as she got home from her date and told me everything.

Sex - She had a date with a really cute guy named Dan. They had gone to a movie and Dan started rubbing her leg while watching the movie. She said she was so horny that she pulled his hand towards her pussy spreading her legs. He looked at her and she smiled. He fingered her until she began rubbing his dick. She said he felt big and wanted him to be her first. He finally asked her, do you want to leave. She replied, boy do I. They ended up parked in dark parking lot and tore each other's clothes off. This was in Dallas

She sucked his cock and he came in her mouth. She said his dick stayed hard and he asked to fuck her. She let him be her first. She said it initially hurt but got better as they fucked longer. She had a huge orgasm on his dick and he pulled out shooting his second load on her stomach. I was jealous and wanted him to. Later she told him I wanted to lose my cherry to him and he called and asked me if it was true.

My Turn - I told him,yes. We went out and didn't waste time on a movie. He took me to the same parking spot on we got naked real quick. We fucked several times. I was so sore afterwards I felt bowlegged when I walked. After that night, me and Cindy would call him every time wanted dick. By the end of our college years we had fucked him many times. The start of our next year, we started having threesomes with Dan after his request.

That's when me and Cindy finally started having sex together. It was hot getting fucked while eating my best friends pussy. The three of us became an item through the school year. We fucked a few other guys on the side but Dan had our favorite cock. My bestie moved away before my senior year which really sucked. During my Senior year, I was nominated for homecoming Queen. Dan was also nominated for homecoming king. During the homecoming dance the winners were announced. Yes, you guessed it. We both won and fucked really hard that night.

The Next Step - We stopped seeing each other when I left for another college. Boy was college fun. A few years later after returning home, I met my husband. We married after only dating for 2 years. He was working for a big local company and was making enough money so I didn't have to work. After five years and two kids, his company had it's usual Christmas party. We were mingling with drinks when I almost peed myself. There in front of me was Dan. He was with his new wife and looked hot. My husband introduced us and we pretended not to know one another. He had recently been hired in the sales group. After dinner I spotted Dan by himself near the bathrooms.

I snuck over and whispered, you miss me in his ear. He turned and grabbed my hand and lead me back to the rear exit behind the building. Without saying one word, he leaned in and kissed me. My pussy wanted him at that moment. We went behind a large garage box and he pulled my dress up and pulled off my panties. He said these are his now and stuffed them in his jacket pocket. He unbuckled his pants and I pulled out his beautiful cock.

Getting it On - He lifted me up onto his throbbing dick. We fucked fast and furious. I asked he cum inside me which he did in buckets. I realized how much I missed fucking a large cock. My husband was maybe half Dans size. Afterwards we snuck back inside and I saw his wife looking for him. My husband was still at the table waiting and asked what took so long. I just said, girl stuff, and he dropped it. When the band started playing, we danced and my feet were sliding in my heels from the semen running down my legs. It felt good. It was a great party and when we returned home, my husband wanted to fuck. He always goes down on me before fucking to get me sloppy wet and I didn't stop him. I wondered if he would notice anything. He did, saying you taste different. I told him, it's because all the dancing.

He replied, we need to dance more often. I laughed out loud. He started sliding his dick inside me and I hardly felt him. He proceeded to pick up his pace and started cumming quickly. I pretended to have an orgasm just to make him feel good. Me and Dan secretly hooked up over the next couple years and life was great. Then one day, my husband came home and said, guess what I found out today. Not suspecting much, I asked what. He said, I heard you and Dan were homecoming king and Queen. Surprised, I asked how he found out. He told me another guy at work who knows me told him. I didn't deny it and said we were. He then asked why I didn't say anything when he introduced us years ago at the Christmas party.

Cuckolding - Told him I didn't want to make it weird and besides, that was many years ago. I could see him really thinking about it. Days later when we were having sex, he stopped and asked if I had sex with Dan. I told him don't ask about something that may hurt him. He kept insisting so I told him yes. He asked how many times. I told him, a bunch. He then surprised me and said, I hear he has a really big dick, is it true. I said yes, it is. He then asked if I missed fucking him. I paused, then he blurted out if you do I'm good with it. I laughed and sarcastically said, sure you are. He stopped and looked me dead in the eyes, and said, I want you to cheat on me and fuck him. I replied, if I do fuck him, you're going to be my bitch cuck and lose this pussy.

He again looked at me with his limp dick slipping out of my pussy and said, that's what I want. I then asked he get off of me and I was going to get some real dick and would be home in a few. I called Dan and asked him if he could meet me, I have to tell you something you won't believe. As I walked out the door, I told my husband, I hope you're hungry, because you're going to be a clean up bitch as well. Dan made an excuse to run to work and we met at our usual place. He was so turned on when I told him about my husband. We fucked really hard we both had huge orgasms. When I returned my husband was sitting in the kitchen with no clothes and rubbing his little hard dick.

I didn't say anything and went straight to the bedroom and he followed. I told him to remove my clothes. He smelled them and was shaking. I laid on the bed and spread my legs. I told him to look at what a pussy looks like after being fucked by big cock. He got close and dove in without being told. I told him he better not cum in my bed and asked him to stop and go jerk off in the toilet, then he could finish his dinner. He did in no time and came back and finished cleaning every nook and cranny. We cuddled afterwards and I told him that Dan is my bull and lover and you'll no longer have sex with me again. He was all for it and so was I. I had no idea my husband wanted to be a cuck bitch when I married him. But I wasn't going to walk away from the opportunity that presented itself. Besides, I was really tired of pretending to enjoy having sex with him to begin with.


San Jose has a lot to offer. There are plenty of wives who want to cheat on their hsuabnds, or better yet, get them to be submissive and go out and have fun with past boyfriends.

A Cuckold Man

A Cuckold Man

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