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Cuckold Classifieds in Dallas, Wife Smiling for her Open Marriage

Welcome to Dallas and to our cuckold personals and classified ads. This city is known for it's towering skyscrapers, excellent museums, and a bunch of tasty food spots. But there are also wives who wish to have an open-ish marriage and search the personals to do so.

An Open Marriage, just for Me

The Decision - Our decision to open our marriage didn't happen overnight; it was a gradual evolution rooted in trust, communication, and a shared desire for authenticity. We were college sweethearts, the kind of couple that finishes each other's sentences and navigates life hand in hand. Over the years, however, we found ourselves questioning societal norms and the rigid structures of traditional relationships.

The first conversations about an open marriage were nerve-wracking. We sat across from each other, vulnerability laid bare, as we admitted our desires for connection beyond the confines of monogamy. It wasn't about escaping our commitment but rather expanding the definition of love to include the freedom to explore connections with others. The terms cuckolding or hotwivery weren't even in our vocabulary yet.

Rough Start - In the early days, jealousy and insecurity surfaced like unpredictable waves. It was a challenging adjustment, confronting societal conditioning and facing our own insecurities head-on. We established ground rules, communicated openly about our feelings, and sought the guidance of a therapist who specialized in alternative relationship dynamics. This commitment to open communication became the cornerstone of our journey. To be honest I went on several meet-ups and he only one, but no sex yet. Especially on our trip to San Diego.

My first experiences with dating outside our marriage were a mix of excitement and apprehension. I navigated the uncharted waters of forming connections with new people while constantly checking in with my husband about emotions that bubbled to the surface. I went out to a coffee shop and met a wonderful man who kissed me goodnight. It was passionate and raw and I was hooked.

Time - Over time, the boundaries we set evolved organically. We realized the importance of flexibility and adapting to each other's emotional landscapes. There were moments of intense passion, introspection, and reevaluation between us as we told each other our fantasies. Through it all, we discovered the beauty of compersion - the ability to find joy in each other's joy, at least in fantasy as there had been no sex yet.

Our life wasn't without its challenges. Society's judgmental whispers and disapproving glances occasionally tested our resolve. People knew about us and friendships were strained, and family dinners became awkward as the open nature of our marriage became apparent. But amid the external pressures, we stood united.

Connected - We became adept at articulating our desires, fears, and boundaries, fostering a level of transparency that extended beyond our romantic relationships. The emotional intelligence we gained proved invaluable not only in navigating the complexities of multiple relationships but also in deepening our connection as a couple.

Our open marriage allowed us to explore facets of our individual selves that remained dormant within the confines of traditional monogamy. Meaning we went out on dates and kissed other people. He only had a handful but I had many more.

My Own Needs - Our commitment to each other was fortified by the shared understanding that love is not finite. Instead of viewing love as a limited resource, we embraced the abundance of love and connection that exists within and beyond our primary partnership. I needed more, more men, more penis to be blunt.

Inevitably, there were moments of heartache and emotional turbulence. Navigating the ebb and flow of emotions within multiple relationships demanded resilience and self-reflection. We learned to appreciate the impermanence of emotions, acknowledging that they are transient and don't define the core of our connections. But sex is sex, and that is concrete.

Cuckolding - After a year we finally had sex with others. I had slept with 4 men and him 1 woman. I was jealous and wanted him to stop but have me continue.

I found that I liked the dominance, the humiliation and withholding I enacted onto my husband. He felt 2 ways about it but soon had no choice. It was a pattern set in stone. But we still love each other deeply.

One of the unexpected gifts of our open marriage was the deepening of our emotional intimacy. The ability to be vulnerable and share the intricacies of our external relationships brought us closer, fostering a level of understanding that transcended the bounds of conventional partnerships. We became witnesses to each other's growth, supporting and cheering on the individual journeys that enriched our shared life.


Dallas has a lot to offer. There are plenty of woves who want to find another man to help them with their open marraiges while their husband's stay home and anticipate the details.

A Cuckold Man

A Cuckold Man

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