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Cuckold Classifieds in San Francisco, Wife in shower thinking of her bull

Welcome to San Francisco and to our cuckold personals and classified ads. This city is known for being the commercial, financial, and cultural center of Northern California. Also well known is the Golden gate Bridge whihc is recognized all around the world. In addition to all that touristy stuff, there are genuine women who want to explore sexually outside of their marriages.

My Wife met her Ex on the Classifieds

How it Started - After confessing my fantasy to my wife she mentioned something:

We are on vacation right now and she has been wearing the smallest bikinis I have seen on her and teasing me non stop. We are having so much fun.

From the time our plane was delayed in Detroit to this point she has been teasing me. She told me she really gets horny denying me her pussy and not letting me cum but I have been licking her pussy 10 times a day. It's so hot I love it, and her pussy is soaking wet always.

Her confession - Then something happened. She confessed something to me. She said there is something she hasn't told me.

She said her ex was a jerk and she hates him because of how he used her and took her virginity and basically left her without any explanation.

Then, while browsing the classifieds, she came across his profile and had a reaction. We had a really long talk about it and its obvious she still has a lot of emotion over it.

She said she needs to tell me something. She said one of her biggest fantasies she hasn't told me is she wants to meet up with him again and dress sexy and slutty and seduce him in a hotel and leave him naked on the bed with a boner and just leave the hotel and never contact him again.

I asked her would you hook up with him? She said just enough to make him think he is going to fuck her. So I asked, "Would you let him fuck you?" Her response shocked me she said, "Yeah probably."

Disbelief - I couldn't beleive she casually mentioned she still fantasizes about her ex. But I am so happy she at least told me.

So the next day she is walking around on vacation wearing a tiny thong bikini and bending over in front of me and keeping me so horny. Then last night she had me rub my bare dick on the outside of her pussy but not stick it in because I don't deserve it. She said I am not allowed to fuck her until I make her cum.

The only thing is I have never been able to make her cum with my mouth but I have been trying to make her cum because I really want to fuck her. So I have been trying so hard to make her cum and the end result is I am basically edging her and making her super horny but she still is not letting me fuck her. It's so hot.

While we talked I told her the stuff she mentioned about her ex was so hot. I can't believe she would actually fuck him.

So we started talking about it while I was rubbing my bare dick on her bare pussy. I asked her how she would do it. She said she would invite him to go swimming at a hotel and she'd show up in her bikini and tease him until he wanted to fuck her.

Then what? - Then I asked would you make him use a condom? She said no because she is sure he would want to fuck her bare and cum in her.

But, I said, "This is supposed to humiliate him right? He shouldn't have the privilege of fucking you bare." She said she wants him to have the full experience.

During all this talk I started cumming on her pussy and stomach. She was very upset I came without her permission and used it to humiliate me. She said, "See you don't even deserve pussy." She kept going, telling me its pathetic I can cum so easily. Then she had me lick her, "fucked pussy" as she calls it. I asked her again if her ex deserves to fuck her and she said yes.

She said, "I know he can make me cum with his mouth or his dick unlike you," she looked at me and said, "Can you imagine him squirting inside me and me cumming on his cock at the same time? "

Then she said, "He loves to fuck me in my favorite position." I said what position is that and she said, "You should know," then she said another shocker. She said, "He used to choke me really hard while fucking me." this blew me away, I would never consider choking her.

Intense - This was so hot and so intense. Then she made me say, "Your pussy deserves a good fuck," and she made me kiss each of her feet 3 times before bed. She has the most amazing feet.

This is all so fascinating to me. My wife hates her ex but still wants to fuck him and they have been broken up for 10 years. I have noticed stuff like this in other people's cuckold experiences where the wife goes out of her way to be slutty for an enemy or someone either her or her husband dislikes. Its hot but I never expected anything like this from my conservative wife.

Great vacation : )


San Francisco has a lot to offer. There are plenty of wives who want to find someone new, or an old flame to have sex with while their husbands wait patiently, with blue balls at home.

A Cuckold Man

A Cuckold Man

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