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Cuckold Classifieds in Detroit, Wife dreaming about other men

Welcome to Detroit and to our cuckold personals and classified ads. This city is known for being the most populous city in the U.S. state of Michigan. It is the largest U.S. city on the United States-Canada border, and the seat of government of Wayne County. In addition to all that touristy stuff, there are real wives who are looking for some side fun or to be a hotwife.

Watched my Wife Shower with someone Else

How it Started - So a few months ago we met up with this guy that my wife had met in the classifieds and had a really good experience. He is really cool and we get along great, very into the same type of stuff we are as far as dirty talk and playing along with the whole scenario.

Anyway, after we met at a local dive we decided to meet up with him at his apartment that same night and she gave him a blowjob while I watched. For the past two months they had been seeing each other once a week or so and we have hung out as a group twice.

Once we went to the bar in Riverside again and she went home with him after we all had a few drinks, the second time we hung out at his place and got stoned and she gave him another blowjob but this time I played with myself and made myself cum right after she made him cum.

Evolution - They had been hanging out by themselves and fucking, I am very patient and have not intruded at all or pressured her into letting me watch. I am v happy with the way things are right now.

Enough backstory, so anyway, this past weekend he invites us over on Saturday night and says that he will be having a few other friends come. We go as we have been enjoying hanging out with our new friend and are curious to meet his friends.

It is mostly other couples and a few single guys, about 10 people, kind of crowded in his apartment but it was a pretty good time, everyone drinking, mostly chatting in small groups. We ended up knowing another couple there and surprisingly never came into the topic of how we know our new friend.

Party starts to die down and people start heading out, my wife pulls me outside on the balcony and tells me she is, "feeling good" and wants to fuck him, "soooooo bad". I obviously love this and think I am about to finally get to watch after hearing about it for a few weeks.

We awkwardly become the last ones there, people were kind of giving us looks as they were leaving and we were still sitting around. And then my wife tells me that its time for me to leave. :-/// She says go wait in the car and she will be down in a little while.

I wanted to Watch - I know I need to say this or do that bc its about me too. I really didn't mind though and still don't mind, I like the tension and she knows it and plays off of it. Anyway, I go sit in the car and play some stupid games on my phone while I wait for her to come down.

After like 30 minutes she calls me and tells me to come back up, I very excitedly bounce back up the stairs and try to open his door, its locked. I knock and she opens it completely naked except for her socks.

I am incredibly turned on and say "whatsss uppppp booo," she gives me a kiss and I hold her tight and kiss her back, and my hand feels something slimy in the small of her back.

She says she is about to hop in the shower to rinse off and holds my hand as she leads me to his bedroom. I hear the shower already running and the bathroom door is open, I sit on the end of his bed and watch her join him in the shower. The room smells like sex and there is a wet spot on the edge of the bed, and a pile of her clothes are on the floor.

They are giggling and making out in the shower while I sit on the bed and watched, I couldn't see great as the shower door was pretty foggy. But I could see enough to notice him fingering her while they kissed.

Kissing in the Shower - They did that for a few minutes before he started to soap her up and wash her, she stood there holding her hair up while he rubbed her down with a loofah.

When he was done she then washed him. He rinsed off and she was now playing with him while they kissed some more.

They got out and dried off, she put her clothes back on and said she was ready to go home. He thanked me for letting him use my wife and slapped her on her butt when we were leaving. On the ride home she jerked me off and told me all about how they started fucking as soon as I left.

He bent her over the edge of his bed and pulled her pants off before spanking her and calling her a slut, then he fucked her from behind for a while, she wanted to ride him but he just held her down and fucked bent over his bed until he came on her back.

No condom - They didn't use a condom, but she insisted it was okay because he is good at pulling out and she is about to start her period.

I came as soon as she told me that and she didn't even try to clean me up, she just sat back in her chair and said how tired she was. I had to pull my pants up and sit in my cum until we got home and I showered alone, she immediately hit the bed and passed out.

Another successful night : )


Detroit has a lot to offer. There are plenty of wives who want to get into the shower, with other men while their husbands watch and enjoy.

A Cuckold Man

A Cuckold Man

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