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Cuckold Classifieds in Lincoln, Horny Wife looking outside her Marriage

Welcome to Lincoln and to our cuckold personals and classified ads. The city is known for fine culinary and artistic treasures; a budding live music scene; breathtaking parks, golf courses and trails; and a friendly Midwestern attitude. In addition to all that touristy stuff, there are also married wives who, together with their husbands, place ads to find single males to help satisfy the wife.

Sharing my Wife!

The Start - Sharing my wife has always been a fantasy of mine.

We usually have pretty vanilla sex, especially in the early years. One night a few years back we got drunk in Mexico and fooled around talking about the guy who was working at the hotel gym and ended up doing a little role play.

I should mention we were in Lexington but now reside in Lincoln in case you want to know where we are from and stuff.

More about that Topic - One thing led to another and I confessed my fantasy with her. She was a bit taken back and said she wouldn't be able to do something like that because she was scared it would impact our marriage.

At that point we kept fooling around and talking about it when we had sex. I eventually bought some cock sleeves and fucked her with them. She loves the additional length and girth. Transparently we use them every time we have sex now. The dirty talk has also evolved in that realm. We even posted a classified ad looking for a male just to further the roleplay and make it more, 'real'.

She constantly rides me while I have the sleeve on and tells me how bad she wishes it was a real cock and wants to feel one in real life. Those comments etc usually die off when we are done and she comes back to reality. That is, until this last Friday night.

We were sitting on the back deck having a few drinks and she said, "Hey are you really sure you wanna try the threesome/me fooling around with another guy thing?"

I was shocked she brought it up so I said, "Yeah, why do you ask?"

It Begins - She laughed a bit and said "Well, I got a message on our profile from this guy who lives here locally. He's been liking my pictures and I think he's trying to pursue something."

At first I was super jealous and started giving her the 5th degree about why she didn't tell me sooner etc. After a couple minutes I calmed down and realized that this was my fault for brining it up constantly and telling her she should let a guy with a big dick fuck her while I watch.

We talked a bit more and I said, "Ok so what are you wanting to do?"

She goes on to say that he sent her an additional picture of himself naked. I knew this meant she had engaged with him a few times. No one sends another picture without feeling comfortable enough to do it. I ignored that for a second and told her to let me see.

Him - Sure enough it was a picture of a middle aged white guy standing there naked with his cock out. I don't know why but this kind of turned me on thinking about my wife opening that picture and looking at this guy. He did have a pretty big cock tbh and he was pretty ripped.

So I asked her again, "What do you want to do?"

She instantly replied, "Right now I want you to eat me out while I get off on this picture." I took her to the bedroom and ate her out while she kept her phone in her hand and moaned as she got off to looking at this guy and his big cock.

When she was done I got up next to her and we talked for a bit. The horny lust had worn off so I knew she would tell me the truth. "So are you going to actually go through with it?"

Going Forth - At that point she kissed me and said, "I do want to if you're ok with it. The only thing is I don't think I could do it with you watching. Would you be open to letting me do it alone?"

I was so turned on that I instantly said yes without thinking it through. They now have a date this Friday and I'm sick to my stomach. Although it turns me on, the thought of another man fucking my wife is unsettling now that it's a reality. She has even been saying things around the house like, "I can't wait to let you fuck me when I come home full of his cum."

I'm torn. Do I let her do this or tell her to call it off? The thought of her doing this makes me so hard but I'm worried she will want more or even leave me down the road. Just scared of the what if. We have talked extensively and she assured me none of that is a possibility but who actually knows. I see the look on her face when I fuck her with those sleeves and it's like she's another person. I can only imagine what a real bwc will feel like for her. She's going to want more, and want to get more messages from our ad too.


Lincoln has a lot to offer. There are plenty of wives who want to see what it's like to have a new man inside them while their hubby's watch. Just check out the ads to see who's online.

A Cuckold Man

A Cuckold Man

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