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Cuckold Classifieds in Jacksonville, Wife wanting more men and horny

Welcome to Jacksonville and to our cuckold personals and classified ads. This city is known for being the biggest city in Florida in terms of population, having around 949,611 dwellers as of 2020. It is also the largest city by area, not just in the state but in the continental United States. In addition to all that informational stuff, there are genuine wives who want to place ads online to meet men outside of marriage.

My Wife Cuckolded me this Week

How it Started - My wife and I have been together for almost 20 years and I was the only man she'd ever been with.

We've always had good sex but with life being life and all the stress things about raising a family, advancing careers, we rarely were having sex.

Originally from San Francisco, she now lives here with me in Jacksonville. She is a super hot, mid30s mom. She's athletic as you can see, intelligent, and funny. So, it really was a shame our sex life was not great at that point. She'd constantly be stressed and just not be into it.

The Change - My wife heard about an app that was meant for couples to essentially answer questions about kinky things that they might be into. Each person answers on their app and if they match, that app says so.

If they don't, they don't. it makes things a little more comfortable than having those conversations directly. Through the app, I found out my wife is pretty damn kinky. And I found out, I am most certainly a cuckold.

She admitted that she had no regrets about being and staying with me, but actually admitted to having never had the chance to sow her wild oats. She admitted to having dreamt about threesomes.

And, she admitted to almost having a couple affairs during our relationship, with older boss-type men at her work. Holy crap, I had never been more turned on.

We spent an awesome weekend in Vegas having this newfound knowledge about each other and spent nearly the entire time talking about scenarios and people watching looking for people they would like to fuck.

Dirty Talk - So we've been talking dirty to each other about her seeing other guys for about a year. I've never seen her happier or more enthusiastic about life. We've had some starts and stops as we've both navigated the emotions of doing this.

She got on the classifieds, matched with people, went on a couple dates, but thus far nothing had happened.

I decided to help out and tweak her profile and did my own filtering of guys so she only got high quality responses. She got to talking with one of them and they really hit it off.

The idea that I was the one searching for guys and approving of them really turned her on. They went on a date and confirmed there was some great chemistry between them.

A texting relationship began to really grow in a short amount of time. She was really appreciating all the attention, as that has been something she's really missed as our lives have gotten so busy and her and I mostly function as parents during most of the day.

Moving her Along - I would constantly send her dirty phrases and pictures of her suggesting maybe she should share.

Their communication is pretty limited for a while after the date when she decides to suggest they get together again. He responds eventually by saying they should get together at his place with wine and TV.

This was an obvious escalation of the situation that made us realize this might actually be a real thing. I believe her exact text to me was, "Holy fuck, shit just got real."

A few more days in, and she has a dream about fucking him. Extremely realistic, she says. Of course, I told her she should tell him about it. She is so shy that I never thought she would. But, never underestimate the power of semi-anonymous texting.

She told him! That amped things up dramatically between them. Later that day she sent her first dirty picture to anyone other than me in her whole life. By the next morning, he was asking for videos of her touching herself and she was enjoying watching videos of him touching himself.

Date set-up - They setup a Friday date at his place an agonizing 2 weeks away. They've spent the entire time getting to know each other and sexting and generally being frurstrated that the day was so far away.

So a couple days ago, when she was out anyway, they figure out that they can actually make time to meet up at his place late in the evening. I thought she was still, "On her week", I had tried to bend her over earlier in the day and she said she couldn't, and so I didn't think anything would really happen. I had suggested they try to meet before Friday just to calm nerves and remind each other who they are.

She wakes me up when she gets home, lays with me, and tells me that they fucked. She discovered she was in fact ready to go and when she got there, there was no stopping it. It was surreal. She was shaking, I was shaking. We tried to have sex but I couldn't get it hard, and I couldn't believe my wholesome, shy, innocent wife had done this. I had no idea how to feel. I knew I wanted it to happen but the surprise of it was shocking.

The next day I took a mental health day off work and just wanted to process everything. Things were initially a little awkward with her but we talked through it and spent the day together figuring things out. By the end of the day, we were in a wonderful place. And, by the end of the day we had finally verbally processed, out-loud, the fact that I am a cuckold and she cucked me last night. And after initially being hesitant to keep her Friday date, she decided enthusiastically to cuck me tonight too. It was awesome to finally settle into my role that had been bubbling under the surface for so long. And it was awesome for her to get the new attention and experiences she'd wanted for so much.

I had jokes a while back that for Christmas I want a video of her sucking another man's cock. At this point, it seems highly likely I will get my wish. Never been happier.


Jacksonville has a lot to offer. There are plenty of wives who want to sow their wild oats or make up for lost opportunities that are sexual in nature. Just message them and see what happens.

A Cuckold Man

A Cuckold Man

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