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Cuckold Classifieds in Indianapolis, Wife is Stark Nude

Welcome to Indianapolis and to our cuckold personals and classified ads. This city is known for the White River State Park which offers 250 acres of green space dotted with memorials and museums as the Central Canal and the White River offer waterways in the park. In addition to all that informational stuff, there are horny hot wives who are looking, via ads, for other men to help satiate them.

My Wife Cuckolded me on Vacation

Blew me Away - My wife and I decided to get away between the Holidays and the chaos of life.

We decided to take a trip to south Florida where the weather was a little less brutal. We arrived on Thursday to our resort and it was pretty well empty through the resort.

We were tired since our flight had to make an unplanned stop in Jacksonville but we were still excited nonetheless. By Friday night things had gotten a fair bit busier and the beaches a bit more crowded. The beaches were great but was still a little too chilly to want to be on the beach in our swim suits which disappointed my wife.

The Hotel - We got back to the hotel Friday night and my wife decided we should go to their spa and get massages and go into the sauna.

She called the front desk and sorted everything out for the next afternoon. We messed around all morning till our spa appointment time came around.

My wife and I entered into the spa and were greatly by a friendly woman who showed us to our separate massage rooms. We went our seperate ways and throughly enjoyed our massages.

We reconvened in the hallway when our massages were complete in our towels And were lead into the sauna which was surprisingly large. As we sat there we made small talk amongst ourselves and talked about how relaxing the massages were.

A few minutes passed by and the door to our sauna opened and a middle aged man about 10 years older than us walked in. We were slightly surprised as we thought this was a private room but judging by the size of it we weren't surprised that it was communal.

The Man - The man walked in and sat across from my wife and I so we greeted him and asked how he was doing. He was very kind and made small talk with us for a few minutes until he decided to adjust his towel to tighten it up around his waist.

As he adjusted his towel the front of his towel opened up exposing his huge uncut cock. As I saw it happen I immediately looked over a my wife who's eyes were huge. I said, "woah there" and my wife began to chuckle.

The man sitting across from up apologized and was sure to cover himself up. We sat there for a minute before my wife's voice broke the silence. "Um I'm sorry but I'm not gonna act like I didn't just see that thing," she said.

I began to laugh and said, "Don't embarrass the man," he replied that he was definitely not embarrassed and he found my wife very attractive and was even slightly hard knowing she saw his cock. I was quite surprised how cool this was going. My wife thanked him for completing her and shyly asked if she could see it again. The man stood up before she could finish and opened his towel exposing his long and girthy uncut cock. My wife exclaimed, "Omg I've never seen an uncircumcised cock in person before."

She approached him and got down where she could examine his cock closer. She looked to me and asked if she could touch it. "You're asking the wrong person," I responded. She glanced at him and reiterated her question to which he had quickly approved.

Touching It - My wife put her hand around his cock and pulled back his foreskin as she chuckled and commented on the weight of his member. The man and I gazed upon my wife holding his huge cock as she chuckled and played with it.

This only made his cock get harder and harder. My wife finally realized how large it had really gotten. She looked at us and said, "Are you guys not gonna ask to see my pussy?" we both jumped at her question and begged her to free her pussy.

She stood up and positioned herself on the bench and opened her legs exposing her very red swollen pussy. I honestly don't think I ever saw her this aroused.

The man walked over to her and stood there as my wife reached out and grasped his cock. Without even asking, my wife pulled him by his cock to her entrance. I watched as her meaty labia spread and his cock disappeared into her.

At this point the man didn't care if I had a preference for fucking my wife or not, and began rough fucking her hole. I pulled my cock out and began to jack off at the sounds of my wife's pussy being pounded.

Sexy Sounds - He fucked her hard for a solid 10 minutes before he tensed up and buried his cock deep in her. I knew what was happening and so did my wife. I could see her legs tense as her hole welcomed his cum.

We all were silent for a few seconds and we watched him withdraw his cock from her used pussy. As he removed it I could see the gaping mess he left in her pussy.

A second passed and the cum started to flood from her pussy. I immediately went over and stuck my cock in her and got zero reaction from her and honestly could only feel her warmth. As I thrusted in and out I heard the door open and shut and realized the man had disappeared as quickly as he had appeared.

My wife looked upset as I finished in her. She immediately got up wrapped her self in a towel and left probably dribbling cum as she walked away. I collected my thoughts got dressed and headed back to our room. I walked in and found her laying on the bed caressing her used pussy thinking of the man that left it gaping.

She wanted more and was upset when I had cum. We looked for him for the rest of our vacation but never found him. And she and I thought of his cock every night as we fucked each other silly.


Indianapolis has a lot to offer. There are plenty of wives who want to find other men with different sized cocks to please or thrill them. Just message them and see what happens.

A Cuckold Man

A Cuckold Man

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