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Welcome to Greensboro and to our cuckold personals and classified ads. This city is known for The Greensboro Science Center houses red pandas, sharks and a hands-on museum. In addition to all that touristy stuff, there are also married wives who, are needing something more and who place ads to find single males to meet these needs.

Wife came Home with a Surprise!

The Start - As backstory my wife works as a nanny, She works for foreign rich families as a nanny when they come to the States on vacation.

She had a two day job working for a single dad, watching his kid at their hotel while he went out to enjoy himself doing whatever. She got home after the first day and I asked how her day was, she said a bit stressful and she wanted to lay down, and half-jokingly started touching herself and asked if I could help relax her.

So I ended up going down on her as I usually do, licking all around and in her, and I was loving it, noticed she was very wet from the start, a bit sticky, and had a bit of an unusual taste.

You know where this is going. As I was licking her she said, "You like the taste of his cum? I let that man fuck me before I left."

This man came from Baltimore and had a similar arrangement with his nany there it seems.

Together - I was suprised but that suprising feeling turned into excitement and I got so hard and started digging my tongue into her, reached my arms around her legs and buried my face in her wet pussy, tongue all the way inside her digging whatever cum was left out of her into my mouth. I knew she wasn't joking because I could taste it.

She put her hand on the back of my head and pushed my head into her so I couldn't move away, even if I wanted to. She came hard as I tongue fucked her and she kept asking me how it felt to eat another man's cum out her. After she came I got up and fucked her missionary and told her I loved it, and only wish I could've seen how he fucked her. She told me about it and I came in her as she told me how he spanked her a bit, that pushed me over the edge.

I've always had a bit of a cuck fantasy, I've talked about it with her and she knows it, but she's more on the monogamous side and actually was never interested in doing anything related to that in real life.

All we ever did was watch videos about it together sometimes and I would tell her my fantasies while we fucked. But she always made it pretty clear when we weren't fucking that she never wanted to actually do anything with anybody else, threesome or anything like that. But I always made it very clear to her that while I respect her wishes, if she ever wanted to do something like that, she was always welcome and I would quite enjoy it.

I'm not talking about cheating, I told her as long as there was no emotional connection, cuddling, or secrets, I was fine with it. She always said no and she was happy with just me but she was happy I was being open to her about it. I kind of thought it would never happen, and didn't want to push it out of respect for her.

It continues - This man was a single father and was apparently quite nice when they met in the beginning, but she told me after work this time, when the man got back to the hotel, he was probably a little bit tipsy, and was quite flirtatious with her.

Nothing necessarily predatorial or anything, but enough for her to know that he was clearly implying he might've wanted something more from her. She told me at first she was quite uneasy about it, and then told me that she remembered everything I told her, and that the thought that she could probably just get fucked by this horny older man right there, she said she suprised herself and actually got a bit horny thinking about it.

She turned around and bent over to pick up her shoes, but bent over a little extra and subtly longer then one usually would, and glanced back at him and sure enough he was looking at her ass. She got up and he moved closer again and asked if she wanted something to eat, or needed anything before she left, and he did the touchy arm thing again. But this time, she moved closer to him and touched him back a little around his waist area.

Guess he got the idea and stroked her hair a bit and told her she's a beautiful young woman and that he wanted to treat her right. She put her arms around his waist and he just looked her in the eyes and grabbed her ass, she didn't say or do anything, just kept looking at him and he slid his hand under her sweatpants and grabbed her bare ass, she still didn't move or say anything.

She was nervous but also wet at the same time, getting groped by this man. He moved his other hand to the front, and starting fingering her already wet pussy, telling her how wet she is, and rubbing her tits under her shirt. She just moaned a bit and opened his pants and started holding his cock and got down on her knees and sucked his cock and balls and he even asked her to lick his ass.

She said she didn't even want to lick his ass but she did it a little because following his instructions made her wetter. The thought of my wife, the woman I love, having her tongue by this kinda pervy older dad's asshole made my cock so hard when she told me about it. He told her to come get on the bed and he gently but firmly put his hand on the back of her head and thrusted a bit into her mouth as she sat on the bed still fully clothed. He pulled off her pants and panties and fucked her missionary and kissed her, grabbed and sucked her tits, and told her to take her top off and get into doggy, which she happily did, and he grabbed her hips and fucked her from behind quite hard, harder and harder and spanked her a little, grabbed her neck and held her face down into the bed.

The Finish - At this point she was completely naked face down on the bed while this man had his hand around her neck and fucked her from behind. He pushed himself balls deep in her and came. He wanted her to stay the night but she said she had to go back to her husband, and he was a bit surprised and said you have a husband? And she laughed a bit and just said yeah. He ended up tipping her like $50, she thanked him, got dressed, and left. That brings it back to when she got home to me, and I ate her pussy without knowing at first that this man had just bred her like a cheap and easy whore. I loved it.

I loved it so much that I wrote this whole thing. She went back the next day, he greeted her with a kiss, she sucked and swallowed him, he left for the day, came back, and she stripped naked for him, rode his cock from front and back. This time as she wasn't nervous and had my approval she asked him to spank her harder, and harder, and he spanked her ass pretty hard while she rode on his cock, pulled her hair and called her a good girl and then he finished in her in doggy again after pounding the fuck out of her, and then I hungrily ate it out of her when she got home but this time she recorded me digging my tongue into her with her legs wide open and sent it to him with the caption my husband says thank you, after he sent her a little thank you message.

My face wasnt really in it just my head, she asked me first and I thought it was really hot haha. I think she likes the cuck thing now (hopefully). She said she did feel a little bad that she was "cheating" and that another man was thrusting his cock down her throat and then pounding her into the bed. But then said that that is exactly what made her pretty wet. And other than that it was a good day of work as usual. She did tell me she'd love to be used as a sex toy one day.


Greensboro has a lot to offer. There are plenty of wives who want to have sex with a man that they work for, or to set up a meet with someone online. Just check out the ads to see who's online.

A Cuckold Man

A Cuckold Man

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