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Welcome to Baltimore and to our cuckold personals and classified ads. This sity is known for hosting Fort McHenry, birthplace of the U.S. national anthem, "The Star-Spangled Banner," sits at the mouth of Baltimore's Inner Harbor. Today, this harbor area offers shops, upscale crab shacks and attractions like the Civil War-era warship the USS Constellation and the National Aquarium. In addition to all that touristy stuff, there are also married wives who, together with their husbands, place ads to find single males to help satisfy the wife.

Wife barely noticed I was There!

The Start - When I shared my sexy wife f for the first time, we had a hotel room and the guy started fucking her with his huge cock. I remember he was fucking her missionary, going slow so she could get used to his much larger size.

He pulled his cock out slowly and stroked it with his hand as I looked right at it and he said, "I think I"m having a little stage fright."

His cock was glistening, soaked in my wife's wetness. I sat there mouth wide open, shocked at the sight of his semi hard cock in his hand and my wife's legs spread wide open as her pussy was literally dripping, she was so wet.

His cock semi hard was almost twice the size of mine. I was overcome with jealousy and respect at the same time.

This motel was in St-Petersburg where he lived.

Together - I mumbled, "Ill leave the room so you can have a little time alone," as I started walking towards the door. I stopped to look back, they hadn't even acknowledged me, he was on his knees on the bed and my wife was sucking his cock in the most passionate way, my head nearly exploded! His dick was rock hard and it was absolutely impressive in everyway.

It was incredibly thick and her tiny hands only went around about 2/3 of his cock. She had both hands around it, stroking it and it looked like he had more length than me coming out the top of her two hands than I had total! It was an amazing sight. He laid down on his back and my wife crawls between his legs and begins worshiping his huge cock as I leave the room.

I walked around the hotel in a daze at what was happening. I let them have about 15 minutes and then I headed back up to the room. As I get about 3-4 doors down from the room, I can her my wife moaning so loud in a low grunt like sound that I've never heard before.

When I opened the door, this buff stud has my wife face down, ass up and he's fucking her slowly doggystyle on the bed and she's gripping the sheets and moaning so loudly that there's no question she loves it. I walk around to the side of the bed to take a seat and stop next to the bed and get a better look as he's fucking her.

He looks over at me, then back at her ass and pussy and slowly pulls his cock out all the way, as if to let me admire it. OMG what a sight. His cock was magnificent and soaked in her pussy juices.

It continues - She lets out a whimper as if begging for him to put in back in and he obliges. He starts fucking her really hard making her take all 9 inches of his cock, She's screaming her lungs out in the most primal way, I almost lost it right there.

He stops and lays on his back to let her ride, but instead she gets between his legs and starts sucking his giant cock in a way that I've never experienced. I was about to cum watching it all so I left the room again. Neither of them even noticing I left.

I would continue to leave the room and come back again several times for the next 3 hrs as this stud fucked my wife in a way I never could. I would sit in the chair and watch and stroke while both of them fucked and sucked each other for hours.

At one point I went and got ice and water and offered to hydrate them as they had been fucking for over an hour and had worked up quite a sweat.

I came into the room as he was fucking her really hard in missionary and I sat in the chair quietly watching as he absolutely pounded her pussy as deep and hard as he could while she just spread her legs straight in the air and screamed at the top of her lungs in pleasure.

The Finish - I waited for him to tire a bit and when he slowed down for a breather, I said, "You both could use some water." My wife looks over at me with his cock still inside her and says, "I forgot you were in the room." I don't know why, but I loved hearing that. My cock was rock hard.

I gave them some water and left the room again to let them get started back up in private again. Again, she was back to sucking his cock before I had left the room and neither of them noticed me leave.

Every time I left the room and came back in, I would come back to the sexiest scenes of my wife taking a this guy's huge cock in everyway imaginable and clearly loving every minute of it! The hottest night of my life


Baltimore has a lot to offer. There are plenty of wives who want to have sex with a man with a much larger cock, or to set up a meet with many men at once. Just check out the ads to see who's online.

A Cuckold Man

A Cuckold Man

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