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Cuckold Classifieds in Durham, Wife feeling Horny

Welcome to Durham and to our cuckold personals and classified ads. This city is is a regional municipality in Southern Ontario, Canada. Located east of Toronto and the Regional Municipality of York. In addition to all that informational stuff, there are also married wives who, are needing something in addition to what their husbands can give them.

Wife thought her Cheating went Unnoticed!

The Start - When I met my wife, I knew she had a reputation for being a slut. That's one of the reasons why I was so interested in her to begin with. In fact, before I ever introduced myself, on two separate occasions, I saw her leave the bar that I met her at with different guys that sure seemed like she had just met.

But when we started talking, she didn't really come across that way to me. She did a great job at putting up a more traditional girlfriend vibe while still being fun. I'll admit it was a bit of a bummer, but I still fell hard for her.

It certainly helped that she was still a sex pot with me behind closed doors and I fell in love with her big tits. She ended up falling for me as well. And within a few months we found ourselves moving in together.

Life was good but I still wished that those rumors of her being a complete slut had been more true. She did share some stories with me of some one night stands and some other stuff that she had gotten into, but nothing out of the ordinary for a girl in her college days.

Her college was in Greensboro but we are in Durham now.

Together - About a year and a half into us moving in together, I got this strange feeling that she might be having some fun on the side. There wasn't a specific moment or thing that I noticed. It was a combination of small things that started to change. For example, when we met, she had a full bush and even when I would ask her to shave, the most she would ever do would be trim it. She also wore granny panties and these big bras that weren't at all sexy.

She had always enjoyed going to bars but she would always go with me. Even if she was going for happy hour drinks with coworkers, she would always beg me to come join. Then she started going out on girls nights, buying sexier underwear, sexier bras, and seemingly out of nowhere she started shaving her pussy. Don't get me wrong, I was loving it, but I figured the motivation to make those changes had to come from somewhere. And to be fair, it wasn't a situation where I was being paranoid and hoping that I was wrong. I was actually hoping that my suspicions were correct.

One night I was getting ready to take a shower. I had the water running for a bit but started with trimming my beard first. When I finished trimming my beard, I realized there were no towels so I stepped out to grab a towel and I could hear her on the phone with someone. More specifically, I overheard her say something about telling me that she was going to work late tomorrow which would give them at least a couple of hours.

I didn't say a word and quietly went back to the bathroom. My cock was instantly hard and I ended up jerking off in the shower thinking/hoping that I heard what I thought I heard and that she was going to be getting fucked by someone the next day.

The next morning, I paid extra attention to what she was picking to wear. Not so much her work clothes because she didn't really have much of a choice when he came to that, but more so what she was picking to wear underneath. Sure enough, she grabbed and open back thong which she typically only ever wore when she wanted to get some from me, or if she wanted to feel especially sexy going out. For the bra, she grabbed a lacey black bralette which I always loved because it was so easy to pull her tits out of it.

It continues - On top of that, I also noticed that she gave herself a fresh shave. If I wasn't sure before that she was cheating, I definitely was now. But still, I didn't say a word. I was waiting for her to tell me that she was going to work late when she said goodbye to me, but that didn't happen. That had me questioning everything again.

There were a couple of hours left in my work day when she texted me, "Hey love, one of the girls called out sick so I'm going to stay late. I'll text you when I'm on my way home." And there it was. My heart was racing, my hands started shaking but not out of anger rather out of pure excitement. I sat at my desk with my cock at attention trying to figure out what to reply. Trying to remember what my reply would normally be like. "Ugh that sucks. Ok love text me. Love you." Needless to say, I was not able to continue working.

All I could think about was who she could possibly be fucking. Where she was going to meet up with them. What she was going to be doing. Picturing her in the thong and bralette that she put on in the morning purposefully knowing that she was dressing up for him. I looked at the clock and it was a little bit past 3:00 p.m. I knew her shift ended at 4:30. As much as I tried to resist the urge to be a creeper, I just couldn't. I told my boss something came up and that I had to leave early, got in my car and made my way to her work.

I got to her job and parked as far as I could from her car while still being able to see it and see the entrance. I sat there full of adrenaline waiting to see her walk out half expecting her to walk out with someone from work. A few minutes before 5:00 I finally saw her walk out but unlike my imagination had hoped, she walked out alone. She went straight to her car and made her way out of the parking lot. Despite my better judgment, I followed her as best I could without revealing myself.

There were a couple of moments where I thought that she had spotted me but luckily she had not. She drove a few miles up the road and pulled into the parking lot for a small dingy looking hotel. I kept driving because I couldn't risk pulling into the parking lot right behind her but I found a side street to park on and kept walking back and basically waited at the sidewalk.

A little less than 2 hours later I saw her emerge in the parking lot again, but this time being escorted by a tall light-skinned guy. He had shorts on but no shirt. Tattoos all over his upper body, clearly in great shape. No one that I recognized. He walked her to her car and before she got into her car, he grabbed her and started kissing her, grabbing her ass with both hands. He finally let her get in her car and she pulled out of the parking lot. Once again, my dick was hard as fuck. This is exactly what I have been hoping for. My deepest desire was reality. I couldn't help but rub my cock over my pants as I sat in my car but I was interrupted when my phone buzzed.

The Finish - "Leaving work love. Be home in 30. What's for dinner? I'm starving," is what she texted me.

I started to panic because obviously I wasn't home and was just as far from home as she was. Typically, when she worked late it was assumed that I was going to make dinner instead of her, but obviously that wasn't going to be possible.

"Sorry love, got caught up at work myself. How about I pick up some chicken from that spot on the way home?" I replied before hitting the road myself.

When I got home, she was changing out of the sexy bra and panties and into her comfy pajamas. I made a comment about being disappointed that she was taking them off since I was hoping to enjoy them a bit to which she responded that she was starving and tired. So she just needed to eat first and take a small nap but that I could wake her up for one of our classic midnight sessions. I don't know why, but the fact that these lies and excuses just rolled off her tongue made it that much hotter for me. We sat and had dinner, started watching something on TV before she fell asleep on my lap. All I could do was stare at her face and body and know that that guy I saw her in the parking lot with had surely put it to good use.

From there on out I started to pick up on the other little hints of when she was going to be cheating and it would drive me crazy. I didn't confront her about it though and did not even hint at knowing or suspecting anything. The last thing I wanted was for her to think that I suspected something and have her stop messing around. Eventually I actually managed to get the code to her phone and every once in awhile I would get a chance to go through her phone.

The first time that I was able to do that, my mind was blown. I spent all night jerking off to text messages with a slew of different guys that she was either actively fucking or had fucked at some point in the past year. Dirty talking, plans of where to meet and when, conversations of how great of a cocksucker she is and how tight her pussy is, nudes that she had never sent to me, and some of the best texts were actually with her best friend whenever she would give her a recap and rating of her latest hookup. It was a fucking Gold mine. But the absolute jackpot was when I found a set of pictures where she has a cock in her mouth and then soon realized that she is in our bed. All of a sudden, the slut that I had been told she was and had always wished she was, was actually there.

I kept this to myself for years. It was about 2 years after I first discovered her cheating that I brought up the topic of trying some kind of open relationship, whether it was swinging or hotwifing or cuckolding. And it wasn't until a few years. After that, that I finally got her to admit to cheating on me and when I told her that I already knew, she was just mad at herself because she thought she was so slick that she had gotten away with cheating for years.

That was almost 15 years ago and I'm happy and fortunate to still have her by my side and still being an all-out slut.


Durham has a lot to offer. There are plenty of wives who want to take a chance at cheating on their spouses and see if they could get away with it. Just check out the ads to see who's online.

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