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Cuckold Classifieds in Riverside, Wife thinking of having an Affair

Welcome to Riverside and to our cuckold personals and classified ads. This city is known for being the most populous city in the Inland Empire and in Riverside County, and is about 50 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles. In addition to all that touristy stuff, there are real wives who are re-thinking their marriages and seeking men outside of it.

I saw my Wife on Camera

Lying next to Me - So this happened earlier today and I am still beyond surprised, turned on, and typing this with my wife lying next to me in bed completely passed out. I wasn't present for all of this, so a lot of this story is a combination of what I saw, and what she told me so it'll shift between my POV and hers (I also realized I just wrote way too much so had to break it up so no one was getting hit with more of a wall of text than this already is).

She absolutely loved being with her new friend Joey. We had a threesome with him where she was mostly with him, as I watched them. She kept telling me how hard she came and how she can't wait to do it again. But apparently Joey had the same thought, and she was telling him the same thing.

So while at the gym he had been dropping hints and started planting the idea of if it felt good with my dick and his, how would it feel with two cocks the size of his. At first she wasn't interested but he kept up, and showed her pics of his friend's cock. The friend was from Pittsburgh.

Images - She told me it looked even bigger than Joey's. Come to find out it was 9.5" but thicker than his. So all this is to set the stage, it's Wednesday morning, I get up and head to work where I'll be until 5. She's taking the day off so she ends up sleeping in.

While I'm at work maybe around 10, I get a notification that the alarm was disarmed and there was motion walking in the living room around an hour later. I take a few minutes to finish up what I doing, then head to my office and open up my phone, pull up the camera app and see Claire on her knees in lingerie with two huge cocks in each of her hands.

She's going back and forth with her mouth. Using her hand and mouth on one, then the other, while always stroking the one her mouth isn't on. I can tell one of the guys is Joey, no idea who the other dude is. She told me later that she opened the door in her lingerie, let them both in, then dropped to her knees. So she'd been doing this for 10min when I started watching.

She looks up at them and says something then walks over to the couch and bends over the back. The back of the couch is facing the camera so I can see her pretty little ass. Joey walks behind her, slaps her ass then hikes his cock up with her pussy.

His friend walks around to the front of the couch, stands on it, and she goes right back to work sucking him off. They're fucking like this for 10-15min with Joey fucking her as hard as he can, slamming into her balls deep, before the friend says something and they switch.

Stretching Her - I see her pussy twitching for a second before the friend blocks my view, I see him start to push in and I see all her back muscles are clenching and the camera is picking up her moans before Joey silences her with his cock in her mouth. I see the friend start slow. Just working his bigger cock in, taking his time to stretch her out for his dick. Then he starts going to work on her.

She told me it felt like she was a virgin being fucked for the first time again, his cock was so thick even Joey's didn't fully prepare her for it. It wasn't going deeper it just was stretching her more. He starts plowing her like slamming into her as hard as he can which is forcing Joey's cock further down her throat. It looks like Joey's about to cum but he pulls out. He looks up at the camera (Claire told him it was there), and he walks over to the kitchen and grabs it.

Pulls it off the cabinet and tries to pull it over but realizes it's wired. So he sets it down on the counter and tells his friend to bring Claire over.

The friend pulls Claire off the couch and starts walking her over toward the kitchen without pulling his cock out. He's fucking her with every step. She's moaning non stop, begging him not to stop fucking her. As they get close to the camera, he pulls out and spins her around so I'm looking directly at her gaping, twitching, pussy.

Then she starts sucking the friend and Joey comes up behind her and puts his cock in her ass. They're slightly angled to me so I get to watch as she's giving the friend sloppy head sucking her pussy off his cock and Joey opening her ass up. All I can hear is muffled moans from her, and the sound of Joey slapping her ass. I can start to see his hand print on her ass.

It keep going - I'm so fucking horny at this point and rock hard but still in my office. I decide to take an early lunch, flip my dick up so it's not obvious, and head to my truck. When I get to my truck I pull the app up again, and they must have heard the camera shutter open because Joey asks if I'm enjoying the show.

Joey and his friend pull out. His friend picks Claire up, and she hikes his cock up with her pussy and he lowers her onto him. Once he's fully inside her and I can see he is balls deep in her pussy, Joey walks up behind her and starts to push his cock into her ass.

She is moaning non stop, saying she's never been this full. Joey takes his time but slowly he works his cock all the way in her ass. And then Claire has two huge cocks balls deep inside her. Then they actually start to fuck her. They're alternating strokes so at least one of them has cock in her at all times. She's losing her mind ast this point.

They keep fucking her like this and I can tell she's already cum once and is quickly approaching a second, she's biting the friend's shoulder as they pound away at her holes. I see them both start to tense up and the strokes are getting erratic and less uniform.

Spent - Then they're both balls deep in her and I can fucking see their balls flexing as they pump cum in both her holes. They both pull out and cum just drops out of her. The friend is still holding her against his chest and turns toward the camera. Her asshole hasn't even tried to close back up and is just twitching and leaking cum.

Joey leans into frame and says, "Hope you enjoyed that, we sure did. Now you need to get back to work, we'll take good care of her." And then they walk toward the hallway and out of camera view with the friend still carrying Claire.

I hadn't cum yet, so I shot Claire a text to see what was going on. Nothing for 3 hours.


Riverside has a lot to offer. There are plenty of wives who want to get sandwhiched like Claire, with other men while their husbands stay home.

A Cuckold Man

A Cuckold Man

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