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Cuckold Classifieds in San Diego, Wife is Dominant and Humiliates Husband

Welcome to San Diego and to our cuckold personals and classified ads. This city is known for it's parks, beaches and temperate climate, and of course the Zoo and gardens. But there is a wisp of infidelity. Wives who love to humiliate their husbands and search the personals to do so.

How I Humiliate my Husband

Control - In the cozy corners of our home, the balance of power has always leaned toward me. Not that it was a conscious decision, but rather an organic evolution that occurred over the years of our marriage. Call it control or leadership, it was an unspoken understanding between us.

From the outside, our life appeared normal. We were the quintessential couple, navigating the challenges of daily existence. My husband, Jake, was a laid-back, easygoing man, and I, well, I had a knack for organization and planning. Over time, our roles became defined, and I found myself at the helm of our ship.

Dominance - It could be about domination, but I'd like to think of it as a natural inclination towards order and structure. Jake appreciated the fact that I handled the bills, managed our schedules, and made decisions about the big picture of our lives. It was a division of labor that worked well for us. But, that type of control also spread into the bedroom.

Our mornings followed a routine meticulously crafted by yours truly. I woke up a little earlier, brewed the coffee, and laid out Jake's clothes for the day. Shirt, tie and panties underneath. A well-planned breakfast awaited him, and I made sure he left the house with a packed lunch. It wasn't control; it was a gesture of love. I took pleasure in ensuring his day started smoothly. And mine. Sometimes his lunch would be my used panties from the day before with one of my lovers. Sometimes it was real food. Hard to open and not feel humiliated if any coworkers saw.

Decisions - When it came to major decisions, we discussed everything. But Jake trusted my judgment, often deferring to my perspective. It wasn't a matter of bossing him around, but rather a partnership where our strengths complemented each other. Ah, who am I kidding. It was me bossing him around lol.

Our social life, too, fell under my jurisdiction. I enjoyed planning gatherings, hosting dinners, and ensuring our home was always warm and welcoming. Jake was content to let me take the lead, and he often marveled at my ability to turn our house into a hub of social activity. That gave me plenty of opportunity to meet new males from his work or our neighborhood.

Too much? - Yet, there were moments when I questioned if I was pushing too hard, making too many decisions on behalf of both of us that lead to humiliating him. How much could he take? Was I inadvertently suppressing his life? Our trip to San Antonio brought out a lot of these questions.

To address these concerns, I initiated open conversations about our roles in the relationship. I wanted to ensure that he felt heard and that our partnership was based on what he really wanted. Surprisingly, Jake reassured me that he felt liberated by my take-charge attitude. He reiterated that he did indeed want this and that as much as it hurt, he got off on it.

My Own Needs - Didn't matter much because I have my own needs and I need lots of cock, lots of attention from men and I can't ever get enough.

In our intimate moments, the dynamics shifted, becoming a dance of mutual understanding. I cherished Jake's vulnerability and appreciated the trust he placed in me. Our love life was a testament to the deep connection we shared, where control gave way to reciprocity and a shared exploration of each other's desires and needs. I could have destroyed him at any time, but I hold the line of humiliation just enough to make it fun.

Challenge - Our journey wasn't without challenges. There were times when I questioned my role and wondered if Jake should be cumming more. I hold him off for weeks (months even!) at a time and am not sure it's healthy. But God it's fun!

Like Fine Wines - As the years passed, our relationship matured. The unspoken understanding that I was the one steering the ship became a source of comfort for both of us. Me having men and putting it in Jake's face every chance I got, especially in front of other people, even some family members.

And friends too. Most in our circle know about us but haven't said anything. I like it this way. Nobody saying anything, tension, embarrassment, humiliation. What a chemical it is for us both.

San Diego has a lot to offer. There are plenty of humiliating hotwives who want to find another man to have an affair with while their husband's have no choice but to stay home and wait.

A Cuckold Man

A Cuckold Man

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