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Cuckold Classifieds in Chandler, Wife with Nice Legs

Welcome to Chandler and to our cuckold personals and classified ads. This city is southeast of Phoenix, in Arizona. Its many parks include Desert Breeze Park, with vintage train rides on the Desert Breeze Railroad. In addition to all that informational stuff, there are also married women who have a growing heat inside of them who need more.

The Start of my Cuckold Journey!

The Start - This all started about 5 months ago and a lot has happened since. My wife, Anna 26 and myself, Dan 26, have been together for 5 years now, married for the last year and a half. Anna was a virgin when we first met (rare these days I know but she's from a very conservative southern family).

Our sex life was extremely vanilla for the first few years of our relationship, but recently she's been coming out of her shell more and more. The other night about a month ago she surprised me, asking if we could watch porn together. I quickly agreed to the idea, and that night we brought the laptop to bed.

It certainly helped that she was still a sex pot with me behind closed doors and I fell in love with her big tits. She ended up falling for me as well. And within a few months we found ourselves moving in together.

When I pulled up the site I usually frequent I had forgotten about the new law, that requires you to be verified as over 18 and to have a profile in order to access porn sites, I go to click new user when Anna gives me a look.

See the last story about Durham.

Together - "Seriously? I know you watch porn, you're telling me you don't have an account?" I tried to deny it, but she wasn't buying it, the more I denied the more aggressive she got with her questioning. "Why won't you just log in? Are you into some weird shit or something?"

"Do you not trust me?" Finally she had enough and said, "Fuck it, whatever," and rolled over angrily, I tried to put my arm around her and she snapped back at me, "Don't touch me, you know I hate it when you hide shit from me, if you can't trust your wife then don't bother trying to touch her." I gave in, "Okay okay, I'm sorry, I'll log in just don't freak out." She rolled back over to me, "It's not like people peeing on each other or anything like that?" she asked rolling back over, "No it's just, well you'll see."

I finished typing in my password and hit enter, once the screen loaded every single video on the, "recommend" tab had cuckold in the title. Anna scooted closer to me, eyes locked on the screen. "Okay what's so bad about this?" She looked back to me.

My heart was racing, "Idk I thought you'd be weirded out with the cuck stuff." Then she said, "I mean it just looks like porn, what's the big deal?" I realized either she was playing dumb or truly didn't know what that meant. I was hoping it was the later and I could get out of this situation. "You're right I was just being weird," I went to go click the categories button to get it off the home page, "Well what do you want to watch?"

I asked her like we were flipping through Netflix on the couch. "Wait go back, let's watch one of the ones recommended, I want to see what you like," she snatched the laptop off my lap, clicked the back button and clicked on the first video she saw.

It continues - It was an amateur video of a hotwife getting fucked hard while her husband was locked in a chastity cage. I could feel my cock getting hard, Anna watched with her mouth slightly open, her hand left the laptop and I watched as it went down as she began to touch herself. The woman in the video began being more vocal, Anna reaches out and grabs my cock with her other hand, "So you like these videos?" I groaned in euphoria. "So are these like real? Or is this just like fake and they're just acting?" I told her it's real.

She started stroking me even faster, I reached down and began fingering her, she was already dripping. The video was getting close to the end, the bull had just came inside and the husband began cleaning up the creampie. I couldn't hold it anymore and shot my load as well across myself.

I was catching my breath, Anna leaned over and kissed me deeply, "Which one do you fantasize about?" she said as she pulled away. I laid there still recovering and let out a little mutter "What?" I asked. "Which one?" She said again, "do you want to be fucking someone else's wife or do you want to be watching."

My stomach turned in knots, the post nut clarity was coming through hard. Anna still had hold of my cock and was back to stroking it. "Idk, neither I guess, I just like these videos." Anna wasn't buying it, "Uh uh uh, no more I don't knows, which one?" she tightened her grip. "I guess I ..." she squeezed harder again and interrupted me, "No, not guess, say it," it's like she already knew the answer. "I fantasize about being the one watching," Anna gave me another kiss, "Thank you for being honest, do you mind going down on me so I can cum too?"

After discovering all the cuckold porn on my profile things started changing between Anna and me. She didn't bring it up or ask me about it for the first couple of days after, and I wasn't wanting to bring it up myself out of embarrassment. Anna, however, started initiating sex more often which previously was never the case. She was hornier then ever, a month before I would have been lucky to convince her to have sex 3 or 4 times in the entire month but the first week after we watched that video together we had sex 4 straight days in a row.

She also got much more vocal in bed. Prior to all this her dirty talk was pretty much limited to a few moans and "Oh fuck, keep going, harder," and stuff along those lines. Now she was like a whole different woman once she got in the sheets, now I heard things like, "You like watching that cock slide into your little slut wife?" Or "Yes please fuck me like a whore."

The Finish - I was in absolute heaven loving it, however even though to me sex was better than ever, it unfortunately wasn't any longer than it had been before meaning it only lasted 15-20 minutes tops including foreplay. After one night with some extra dirty talking from Anna, I came inside her right as she was saying how she wants to be fucked all night long.

I collapsed besides her on the bed and she rolled on top of me and began kissing me. I could feel my cum slowly dripping out of her onto me. "You want to eat your slut wife's pussy?" she said as she pulled back from a kiss. I didn't reply but gave her a slight look of confusion. "You said you wanted to be like the husband in that video, he ate his wife out after she was filled up." I was trying to get the words out but it felt like they were stuck in my throat.

Anna didn't even give me time to respond. She pushed herself off from my chest and sat up on top of me. She looked down smiling, "Well now you get to try." with that she moved to sit on my face.

I always loved facesitting, it was something I'd beg Anna to do but she would rarely agree to it because she said it was uncomfortable for her. But here she was lowering herself onto me with my cum dripping off her lips. I hesitated for a moment having never tasted myself before like this. I had gone down on her after sex before but either when I hadn't finished inside her or after she cleaned herself up. I don't know if Anna was getting impatient or just tired from keeping herself slightly lifted over me but she let herself down completely on me, I opened my mouth and began eating her out feeling my load slide out of her down my mouth.

I surprised myself that I actually liked the taste and was immediately rock hard. Anna began grinding herself deeper against my tongue and face, until she finally came and I could feel her thighs shake around my head.

Afterwards she rolled off me and we both laid in bed gasping for air. She cuddled up next to me, I wrapped my arms around her. "That was fucking amazing," she said still recovering, "Can we do that every time from now on?" I nodded my head in agreement. "See it can be fun to try out these fantasies in real life," I sat up a bit. "What exactly are you suggesting?" I asked, the knot in my stomach was starting to grow. "I mean, I'm not suggesting anything, I'm just saying that was fun."

She replied. "Yeah but like are you saying you'd want to do more stuff from that video?" I was scared to hear her response to my question, she sat there next to me, both of us sitting up now. She didn't respond for what felt like hours till she finally gave me a kiss and said, "If you want to try something we can, idk exactly all what it is your fantasy." I kissed her back and told her okay, but she wasn't letting me off that easily.

"No no no, no guesses no you don't know, I want to know, exactly what you want," I took a deep breath, "I mean okay, I want to see you get fucked." I swear I was going to have a heart attack as the words came out, I couldn't even look her in the eyes as I said them. She lifted my chin up with her finger so I'd be facing her, I still couldn't meet her gaze I was terrified she'd be disgusted or mad. "And? Then that's what I'll do." I almost had a mini panic attach and so off we are to search for a suitable man.


Chandler has a lot to offer. There are plenty of wives who want to share in their husband's fantasies and live out what he likes to see and what kinks he harbours. Just check out the ads to see who's online.

A Cuckold Man

A Cuckold Man

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