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Cuckold Classifieds in Boston, Wife wants an open Relationship

Welcome to Boston and to our cuckold personals and classified ads. This city is known as the cultural and financial center of the New England region of the Northeastern United States. In addition to all that informational stuff, there are wives who find themselves unable to hide the fact that they want to experience other men in bed.

I am making my BF into a Cuckold Slowly

The Start - I was worried for a while as I didn't want to push too fast with my boyfriend. The main thing I read about cuckolding your man was about better communication and trying a bigger dildo in bed to start.

So that's what I did. I ordered a nice big dildo (not too much bigger than my bf, maybe 3 inches more) and while I waited for it to arrive, I kept roleplaying during sex of imagining the other guy in me.

It was shipped from Memphis surprisingly and came fast.

First Loves - Please keep in mind that we are each other's firsts, and I haven't had anyone except his dick inside me at this point.

Last week the dildo arrived and oh my god it's so much bigger in person. And heavy. Honestly I was getting wet just holding it in my hand and was impatient so I may or may not have used it on my own first without telling him (maybe a different story but I loved it).

Next night as we were doing the regular teasing I brought up things like, "Oh baby it would be so hot if I had another guy inside me as I blew you," and he was just nodding his head in pleasure as I was blowing him at this time.

But this time, I got up and revealed the dildo to him! He definitely looked surprised but not really upset. I brought it up next to his dick and smiled at him and started to blow him again while stroking the dildo.

I think he was unsure what to say but kept going with the flow which I loved.

Then I pulled away from his dick and started to suck on the dildo. And right away I was struggling more because 1) it was thicker and 2) it was way longer so I couldn't deepthroat like usual.

It got more Intense - I alternated between sucking his dick and the dildo and when I couldn't take it anymore I pulled the dildo behind me and slowly sat on it until it was almost inside me. My boyfriend was stunned watching me take it in as I slowly adjusted to the length. I felt so full that I almost lost my balance but held on to his knees for support.

Once I regained composure I started riding it and went back to blowing my boyfriend. It was hotter than I had imagined and I was loving it and his dick was harder than ever too. We were both just moaning and enjoying when suddenly he started to twitch and with a quick warning he pushed down my throat and came.

I swallowed it all while still having that big dildo inside me and he pulled away. But surprisingly he was still hard. He pulled me up to the bed and pulled the dildo out and slid himself inside me in doggy style.

If I'm being honest he did it pretty fast and it felt like I was missing something inside me and what replaced it wasn't as filling. But the whole scenario and everything was so hot that I was loving it!!

He fucked me hard for a while and we did some dirty talk until he eventually pulled out and came on my ass.

Not Finished Yet - This time he was truly wiped out and so was I. We cleaned up a bit and just cuddled and passed out in bed. But just a few minutes later I was still aching for more as I hadn't cum yet. I looked over to my sweet boyfriend still sleeping. I didn't want to exhaust him more so I snuck out quitely with the dildo the the bathroom and closed the door.

I was still wet and without much trouble I pushed the dildo back inside myself and started to fuck myself with it. It was hard to be quiet but I did my best as I felt so fucking good. Not even 5 minutes later I came so hard that I nearly forgot to be quiet.

Cumming - Afterwards I cleaned up, put the dildo away and went back to bed to cuddle.

Since then we haven't used it or talked too much about it but tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I'm planning on bringing it out again :)

I'll take it slow and order a bigger dildo and see how it goes next.

Who knows how big it will get until we find a real person to explore this with.

Thanks for reading.


Boston has a lot to offer. There are plenty of couples who want to make their hot bedroom talk a reality and place ads to see who will bite. Just message them and see what happens.

A Cuckold Man

A Cuckold Man

Happy Cucking!

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