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Cuckold Classifieds in Memphis, Wife fantasizing about other Men

Welcome to Memphis and to our cuckold personals and classified ads. This city is known for the influential strains of blues, soul and rock 'n' roll that originated there. Elvis Presley, B.B. King and Johnny Cash recorded albums at the legendary Sun Studio, and Presley's Graceland mansion is a popular attraction. In addition to all that informational stuff, there are wives who can't help but fantasize about other men and want to make it a reality.

My Wife went from fantasy to Sex with a Male Stripper

The Start - So the first time I ever got physically cucked was by a male stripper. My friend wanted to go to a strip club, but my then wife was with us. He managed to convince her to go by telling her that they had a male stripper area.

She told me that she would go if I went in that area with her after looking at the girls. Hesitantly, I agreed. Never thought it would change my life.

This was on a long road trip to Charlotte we all took.

Fantasy, no More - We go to the club, and pass the male section that is behind closed doors on our way to the female section. We had several drinks, and my wife and I agreed to get me a lap dance if she could watch. This happened a few times, and I think nothing of it.

Eventually, she tells me she wants to check out the male area. My friend laughs, and says no way is he going in there. So, I end up going with my wife behind the closed doors.

The male section is a big room with theater style seating and a big stage in the front. In the back of the room are two sectioned off areas with private booths. As we enter, there is a party of middle aged overweight women to the left front, and a couple to the right that is a butch lesbian and her girlfriend. Other than that, it is completely empty. We decide to sit in the middle back, trying not to draw attention to ourselves.

The next stripper comes out, and he is a toned Latino guy in a white t-shirt with Adidas jogging pants. He does several backstreet boy style moves, and eventually starts pointing out women in the room to come up to the stage to gyrate in front of them.

He ends up taking his shirt and pants off down to the thong he has on. He then points to my wife to come up. I look at her, and tell her I'm chill with it. She goes up there, and he does something different.... he turns her around facing me and the other women in the room and he sits on the stage with her between his legs. He then starts running his hands up and down her sides while breathing on her neck.

It got more Intense - Then, he lets his hands go down to her hips, and lets them go under her shirt on the way back up as he continues to breathe on her neck. He does this for some time as his hands travel up and down her sides and across her belly. I notice her eyes are closed, and she is actually enjoying this. At this point I'm getting jealous, but then I remember she just watched me get 3 lap dances. I then see him whisper into her ear, and she nods her head yes. He then takes here by the hand and walks her up the stage.

As she's walking up the stage, I can see this guy has a full blown hard on. He stands her next to him and faces her. He then does the typical male stripper thing of putting her hands on his abs, and rubbing her hands against his thong. He then whispers in her ear again, and her hands start pulling down his thong.

Now I'm pretty big, but he's got me beat probably by an inch, and is thicker. He then has her sit in the chair, and grinds on her. Then as the song is ending, he whispers to her again. He then sits on the chair, has her straddle him, and I see his hands work on under her shirt again running up and down her sides.

Then suddenly, they travel to her butt, he pulls her in, and starts French kissing my wife!!! I'm seeing red at this point, but I'm also as hard as can be watching this happen!!

He then guides her down the stage, and she walks back to me like a puppy knowing they are in trouble. We get into a little argument because I am upset they kissed, but I keep replaying it in my head. As we are talking we notice the stripper is walking down our isle. He's polite, and apologizes for interrupting, but asks if she'd like a lap dance. I immediately say no, but she says I got to have three already. He tells me I can come too if it makes me more comfortable.

I reluctantly agree, and we go to one of the private booths in the back. He tells us his name is Chris, and tells my wife she's the most attractive girl he's seen there in months and congratulates me. He then asks her if she wants to start from the beginning, or where they left off. She says it's up to him, so he immediately strips naked, and I noticed he's sporting a semi.

Much farther than usual - The music starts and he starts grinding her, and has her put her hands on his butt, then he turns around, and guides her hands to his cock as he leans back and begins kissing her neck. I immediately notice the effect it's having on her again. As I'm watching him get hard in her hands, he looks at me and sees that I'm rock hard. He then whispers in her ear, and she tells me to pull it out.

I'm like why, and she tells me so she can jerk me. I jump at the chance, but this quickly goes south. As she's jerking me, he straddles her, and behind kissing her neck as his hands go under her shirt. I'm too busy enjoying my hj to realize they are soon kissing, and she's jerking him as hard as she is me.

Next thing I know, he started next to her, and slides his hand down her pants. Without noticing, I'm now jerking myself watching a male stripper finger my wife. He then lifts her shirt, and begins sucking on her nipples as he fingers her.

Insane - I immediately blow my load watching my wife cum from a stranger fingering her and sucking on her. As she cums, so does he all over her hand.

He then kisses her some more, hands us some tissues, and asks if we want another dance. I immediately freak and tell him no, pay him, and grab her by the hand and rush out of the room.

After that, it was the most quiet, awkward night, and even on the ride home we didn't know what to say to each other.

When we got home, we had the roughest, hottest sex in our entire relationship lol. Needless to say, we visited the strip club again.

Thanks for reading.


Memphis has a lot to offer. There are plenty of wives and couples who want to find anyone at all, even a stripper, to fondle and play with the wife for an extra thrill. Just message them and see what happens.

A Cuckold Man

A Cuckold Man

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