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Cuckold Classifieds in Bakersfield, Wife Cuffed to Closet Rack

Welcome to Bakersfield and to our cuckold personals and classified ads. This city is known for its' displays at the Buena Vista Museum of Natural History which focus on geology and paleontology, the states natural landscape and part of the Sequoia National Forest. In addition to all that touristy stuff, there are married women who want to have a good time with other men.

My Wife Prepared for her Date

My Hotwife Submissive - My wife has been into hotwifing now about two years. She has a regular bull now whom she really enjoys.

He's got a cock that transforms her into a wild woman almost instantly! I love watching them and sometimes am allowed to join in.

I love fucking her pussy already full of cum and filling her up a second time. I also love cleaning her dripping pussy up.

Our Plans - We made the plans on Wednesday for the weekend, right after we came back from our trip to Aurora. Wife told me that I cannot cum before Saturday.

She loves creampies and prefers him to cum in her pussy. She told me that the next time I am able to cum in her (or at all) will be when her man has filled her with cum on Saturday. She said if I cum before then at all, I can only watch them and will not be allowed to cum on Saturday, or probably Sunday. And that I will be locked in my cock cage while I watch.

Since then she has been focused on teasing me and denying me a release. I'm trying to stay strong and not cum because I know she means it. Wednesday night I was very horny just thinking about the weekend and very hard.

She proceeded to play with my cock and tease me in bed talking about all the things he will do to her. She had me eat her out to show me how wet she was while stroking my cock. Then she asked me to fuck her with her favorite dildo.

I fucked her hard with it until she came three times. All the while she's jerking me off to the same rhythm. But she sensed I was close and quickly stopped to deny my orgasm. Then she had me suck her juices from the dildo.

So horny - I was so horny and wanted to cum so bad. So she straddled me, riding my cock with her dripping pussy for just a bit before jumping off, denying my orgasm yet again.

Thursday night - by now I have blue balls and am fucking horny. She had me give her a hot oil massage in bed. Making my cock very hard. Again she was stroking and playing with it, and grinding against it with her bare ass but cautioning me not to cum.

She had me out on a cock ring and a butt plug to help me stay that way. Not sure how those would help me not cum but I was then horny enough to do it. She continued to tease me. I asked her if she wanted the dildo again.

Yes she did, but this time, she wanted to use her vibrating dildo on me. She removed my butt plug and proceeded to slide the whole thing in my ass. Before long she was fucking my ass really good on full vibrate hitting all my spots.

Then she started sucking my cock at the same time. I got very close to cumming. She asked me if I wanted to cum all over her face. Hell ya I do! She said I could, but then if I did, I couldn't cum on Saturday.

Hard Deal - What?!? Fuck! No, I didn't want to miss the opportunity to fuck her pussy full of his cum! She said it was my decision to make as she was fucking my ass and sucking my cock.

I had to literally push her off me again to keep from shooting my load. My cock was twitching as it got denied. She giggled knowing the effect she had denying my orgasm. Fast forward to Friday, more blue balls and still horny as fuck.

She decided to wear a dress with no panties, "just in case I change my mind." I couldn't wait until Saturday but just hoped I could hold off until then for the big prize! I was very nervous on what temptations she'd present and to what I must overcome!

The day was drawing near.

I tried not to think about her but this picture (the one you see of her cuffed) was sent to me by her, taken by her bull last year when she was alone with him. So hard.

Saturday - I was so pent up with lust and cum. Major blue balls after about a week of endless teasing and edging. She had me locked up in my chastity cage the night of to watch them fuck. I'm basically begging to be let out to at least touch myself.

Finally after he fucked her for about an hour and filled her pussy, she let me out. I was rock hard instantly. She let me jerk off. While watching her play with her pussy as his cum started dripping out. I wanted to fuck her so bad but instead she made me lick his cum from her pussy and clean her up. Then he fucked her again, added another load and I was finally able to slide my cock inside her cum filled pussy.

I lasted only about a minute before unloading inside her. They laughed and she rode my face to clean her out again. Then they finished with round 3. Overall, wish I'd lasted longer but a great night!


Bakersfield has a lot to offer. There are plenty of wives who want to be submissive to men other than their husbands. You can have fun with them too.

A Cuckold Man

A Cuckold Man

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