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Welcome to Aurora and to our cuckold personals and classified ads. This city is known for its' more than 100 parks, more than 6,000 acres (24 km2) of open space and natural areas, and six award-winning municipal golf courses. In addition to all that touristy stuff, there are wives who are looking to spice up their sex lives by having an affair.

I encourage my Wife to Flirst with other Men

The Start - I've been encouraging my wife to cuckold me for a while. Guys flirt with her all the time. Sometimes when we're out or she tells me about someone flirting with her, I tell her how she should flirt back and/or tease them. I try to get her to wear revealing clothes and to flash men but she never does. For a while now I've encouraged her to find a bull as long as she doesn't lie, shares details, and if possible take pictures and videos.

I travel for work. I'm gone over a month most of the time . She knows when I come home from a long trip that I'm physically and mentally exhausted. I usually don't get out of bed for 2 days, sometimes 3. The other day when I came home like normal she picked me up at the airport. As we chatted on the way home I could tell something was different but I couldn't put my finger on it. She's a great wife and usually has iced down beer for me in the car when she picks me up. It's a little over an hour for us to get from the airport to home. Between being so tired and drinking on the way home I normally eat and crash.

The next morning I woke up around 9am hungry. I make my way to the kitchen and don't see my wife. After eating some cereal I stick my head in the office, take a quick look at our home cameras and see her car is gone. Usually she texts me or leaves a note next to the bed letting me know where she's at. I think to myself she probably went to town shopping or is spending some time with one of her friends because she knew I would sleep all day and if she hung around the house she'd be bored out of her mind. Still exhausted, I went back to sleep.

Mystery - I wasn't sure though. Coming back from my work trip in Cincinnati left me groggy. Around 6pm she walks in the bedroom and wakes me up. I open my sleepy eyes and raise my head. she's undressing and saying something about a surprise for me. I'm like huh.. what.. not thinking straight. Then she says, "I have a creampie for YOU," with a smile :). "I hope you're not mad," as she crawls in bed. She grabs my hand and puts it between her legs. I'm wide awake now with an instant hard on. As she reaches under the covers for my dick she says she wants to tell me about it.

"You know you've been telling me I need to flrt back when guys hit on me. Well this guy has been hitting on me for a while now. I always took it as a compliment but didn't think anything else about it. The other day I was at my second store (she's in retail management and spends a few days a week at different stores), he came in and said something about working on pipes. I said PIPES UHHHH and smiled at him. He caught the hint and smiled back then started asking where the fittings were. I took him to the pipe fitting section, showed him where everything was, and then (I can't believe I said this), if you'd like some help I'm told I'm pretty good with pipes. I know my face must have been beet red. He smiled and asked if I'd like to go to dinner or something one evening? Baby.. you'd be proud. Because I responded, OR something," with a shy girl smile. Then I said what about dinner in 1hr. I'll be off. He said sure wanna meet at BK's, it's a small cozy steak house right down the road? I told him I knew about the place and I'd meet him in a hr-ten mins. He gave me a light touch on my ass as he walked past me towards the counter - saying it's a date, see u then."

"Oh, I forgot to tell you his name and describe him - Big Joe but he's not that big of a man. I did ask him one time why he goes by Big Joe but he smiled and changed the subject. He's about your height, maybe a little shorter (I'm 6'1"), his dad bod is tighter than yours, I could tell he's got nice pecs and he's got a nice tight ass (oh that ass). My last hour at work was miserable. All I could think of is, where is this going? Where did I want it to go? I was getting wet just thinking of it. Then I thought about u being out of town and the guilt hit me, so I was thinking about not showing up... a few min later the thought of his hand running across my butt and thinking about sex with him. I remember you telling me that as long as I told you and would share details it was ok. I also remember you telling me you'd rather be in town if I slept with another man. "

While she's telling all this she's slowly rubbing my dick . The story is really turning me on and I'm really getting excited about my wife sleeping with another man. She rolls over on her stomach and says, "Baby I'm trying to hold his cum in me while I tell you everything," and tells me to give her a massage while you're thinking about Big Joe's cum in my pussy. So I crawl on top of her with the hardest dick I've ever had. Damn. I don't think I can wait long, I hope her story doesn't take long. When I start giving her the massage she starts telling me the story again.

"Well my lust outweighed my guilt so I headed towards BKs to meet Big Joe. oh yea I had to run to the bathroom at work twice to wipe the wetness between my legs because I was afraid I'd have a wet spot in my pants, so I finally put a female pad on. When I got to BKs Joe was already there. I walked in and could see him toward the back in a corner so I just walked on back to the table. He got up to give me a hug. Baby. I don't know if he did it on purpose but his whiskers rubbed my neck then I felt his warm breath. Oh it stirred lust. Before I left work I told myself I wasn't going to fuck him tonight - just dinner and if the vibe was good I'd wait til you come home but after he did that to my neck I didn't know if I could not have sex that night. We ate and talked about life and family. Marriage came up. He was going through a bad divorce the normal thing. Their sex sucked, they grew apart and he stayed with her long enough to get the kids out of school."

She continued, - "Then he asked about us. I told him things were great. We've been married for over 25 years and our LOVE IS STRONG. I saw a look his face, he was thinking, what's going on here. Then I told him about you wanting me to cuckold you. He said what?? He wants u to have sex with another man. I kinda gave him details, told him you wanted pictures and videos, I also told him that I didn't want to do anything until you made it home next week but didn't know if I could keep myself from it because I really really wanted to wanted him (again-where did that come from). He smiled and said he'd keep me honest, me thinking to myself yea you're a man. Then he kissed me and it wasn't just a peck. I mean he kissed me. I lost track of time. I don't know how long we kissed but when he pulled away, he said we better stop the restaurant is starting to watch us. Anyway we finished dinner with some small talk he paid the bill and we headed outside. "

"As we walked out he asked what I wanted to do now. I told him I made that pretty clear at dinner. He said hmmm with a smile and asked where I was parked. I pointed at my truck at the end of the parking lot by the trees. Good thing I was at the end of the parking lot and backed in with nothing on the driver side... baby when we got to truck without warning he spun me around shoved me up against the truck, grabbed me by the back of the head with one hand, pinned me against the truck with his body and the other hand went straight to my crotch.. holly fuck.. I've never had a man be that aggressive and it felt good. GOD he felt so strong. We made out for a while. He was rubbing my pussy and I was moaning in his ear. I was soooo hot. Then he suddenly pulled back and I swear my head was spinning and I was seeing stars. "

"Then he went up my waist inside my shirt. oh. oh. It felt so good when he rubbed my breast. I finally was able to get a hand in front and I went up to his shirt. Baby he's ripped. You know what abs do to me when I felt his washboard abs I let out a moan and my wet pussy got wet. I was on FIRE. Oh and how good his pecks felt. Then I went down to feel his manhood thru his pants. Wow he felt big. I rubbed him outside his jeans for a sec then I went up to unbutton his pants. I wanted it out. I wanted to see it, I wanted to taste it, then I wanted him to fuck me right there against the truck. But the SOB stopped and pulled away... breathing heavily, I looked at him and asked why? Privacy? Do you want to get in the back seat, go to a motel or something? He said no. I said where? What then? I needed him sooo fucking bad soon. "

"Then what he said flat out pissed me off. 'Remember when I said I would keep you honest?' I was like it's a little late for that we've crossed that line. We're going to FUCK. Then he asked when's hubby coming home? You're really doing this I asked. Yep he said, I tried to embrace him again and he pulled away. Then I got mad and, said 'fuck you' if you don't take me tonight you're not getting me (which was a lie and he knew it). He laughed and said yea right when does hubby come home. Then I thought about you BABY and what we've talked about and what you wanted. BTW your welcome. I love you so much. I told him your schedule and what day and time was best to meet. We worked out the details. Then he shoved me back against the truck kissed me and his hand went striaght to my croch gain.. fuck.. fuck. It felt good. He pulled away and said I'll see you and fuck you Friday, and turned and started walking to his truck. I yelled you're a fucking ASS HOLE. How do u expect me to drive like this, I can't think straight. He kept walking, laughed and said you'll figure it out. "

"Ok baby. you've done a good job with the massage now lay down on the bed." So I roll over on my back. My dick has been so hard all this time. While giving her the massage I tried to run my dick along her ass cheeks once or twice and she told me if I didn't quit she'd stop telling me the story. Then she stands up in bed over my dick spreads her pussy. "Can you see his CUM?" she asked.. MY GOD. your swollen wet pussy looks soo awesome I tell her.. then she squeeze some of his cum out. DAMN that was soo hot. I could see signs of cum on the inside of her thighs. Then she played with her clit some and ran her fingers in the sweetest pussy in the world. Fuck I'm going to cum right there I think. Then she comes back down on her knees, positions herself over my dick and in one motion pushes it balls deep. I can't stop it, I lose it and I CUM SO FUCKing HARD right then. I swear my dick pulsed in her for more than 30 secs. She looks at me smiles then kisses me for the first time. Damn I can taste him. She pulls back from the kiss and moves up and down for a few sec on my my shaft. Even after cuming I'm still so freaking hard. She smiles again and says, looks like we're going straight into round 2, even if there wasn't a 1st round. "

Here we go - With my dick in her, as another man's cum mixed with mine ran down my shaft and onto my balls she started to tell me about today. She said she woke up at 7am, wasn't supposed to meet him til 10 but couldn't think about anything else, said she was up on and off all night and it took everything she had not to wake me up or masterbate.

So she got up and started getting ready. She washed and did all the stuff a girl does to be fresh. She couldn't wait. She texted him. He was already in the motel waiting for her at 8:30. She said when she left the house she was so wet that she had to wear a pad again to keep from having a spot in her jeans.

She said, "Baby I was soo nervous when I knocked on the door. I heard him opening it, I got light headed. As soon as I walked in he spun me around where he was facing my back and with the power I told u about while ago he pinned me up against the door. his mouth went to kissing and bitting my neck while his hands come around to the front of my waist."

"He told me he was going to fuck me harder than I've ever been fucked and I better back out now if that's not what I wanted. All I could do is Moan and say yes PLEASE."

"Before I knew what was going on my pants and panties were on the floor. I don't think I could have stopped him if I wanted to. I wanted to get to his dick so bad I couldn't stand it but I was pinned against the door with my hands in the air. When my pants cleared my waist his hands went to rubbing tits and my pussy. I moaned ."

End - "He raised up, looking me in my eyes, he smiled grabbed both my hands. Pinned them over my head and started fuking me so hard. Oooh how he fucked me hard. His dick hit every place it could. I've never been fucked like that. I swear the harder he fucked me the bigger and harder his dick got. "

"IT felt so good WE WERE COMING TOGETHER. After he finished cuming he fell onto my chest while my pussy was still twitching. We laid there catching our breath. I could feel his dick slowly going down and easying out of my well fucked pussy. ".

After that I came hard and told her to make plans to see him again. She also created 2 profiles and is looking for others to have fun with as well.


Aurora has a lot to offer. There are plenty of wives who want to have some hard sex sessions with other men, or better yet, planty of men. You can have fun too.

A Cuckold Man

A Cuckold Man

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