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Welcome to Anchorage and to our cuckold personals and classified ads. The city is known for its cultural sites, and is a gateway to nearby wilderness areas and mountains including the Chugach, Kenai and Talkeetna. In addition to all that informational stuff, there are wives who are turned on by the idea of looking for other men to have sex with.

My Wife was Inspired to Cuckold me by watching Porn!

The Start - I was lying in bed with my wife getting a little frisky when I asked if she wanted to watch some porn. She said yes so I opened up my fav video site but I was still signed in and she asked to see what videos I had saved.

I had no choice, I showed her and it was filled with cuckold videos. We watched a few and she asked if I really liked the idea of cuckolding and I said yes. She asked more questions about it and then we had wild sex.

She then remembered a friend from Stockton and started telling me how she will cuck me with this guy who has a bigger cock and how much better he would be. I blew my load hearing these words.

The Agreement - We talked more about it the next day and she agreed to try it, but that guy she mentioned had a girlfriend. So we placed an ad. It didn't take long to find a guy wanting to fuck her but he did have a few conditions. 1: I was to be locked in chastity and naked 2: he got to fuck her how ever he wanted 3: I had to do what ever he told me 4: I wasn't allowed to fuck her all week.

We discussed it and agreed. It was a long week for me as the wife locked me in chastity after agreeing to meet him but finally the night came.

My wife had bought some new lingerie and looked incredible wearing it with her high heels. I was naked and caged sitting on a chair in the bedroom. He arrived and I could hear them talking, then kissing, then I heard a few slaps as I could only imagine him giving her ass a couple spanks.

They both entered the bedroom, her face flushed and him looking smug with his cock bulging through his pants. "Hey cuck, ready to watch me fuck your wife?" he said before ordering my wife to her knees. He then pulled his cock out and it was bigger in real life than the pics he sent. Around 9.5" and thick.

Her eyes went wide as he slapped it on her face, pushing it into her mouth. I watched her suck and drool on his cock gagging over and over as she tried to get his cock down her throat.

He grabbed her head and pushed his cock down her throat. I watched as she gagged, then choked on it. He kept looking at me while forcing more cock down her throat. I stopped and took a step back, "If u want me to fuck your wife cuck, come lick my balls while your slut gets on the bed."

I wanted to See - I wanted to see her get fucked so badly so I moved over to him and licked his balls. My wife watched amazed before getting on the bed. He pushed me aside and grabbed my wife's legs, pulling them up and exposing her pussy, the thong pulled aside, he rubbed his cock over her pussy before slowly pushing it in.

She was moaning straight away. I watched as inch by inch was fed into her pussy, she got louder until he was balls deep. Then he leaned forward and kissed her, letting go of her legs to pinch her nipples and play with her tits.

Then he started pounding her, drilling his cock in and out of her and she orgasmed hard in no time, but he didn't stop. Instead he grabbed her throat choking her as he pounded her pussy. She moaned and cried screaming how good it felt.

He slowed down then stepped back, "Get a good look at your wife's pussy cuck, see what a real cock does to a pussy." I moved closer seeing her tight pussy stretched out, "Have a taste cuck."

I buried my face in her pussy, licking up her juices and it was amazing. Next he told her to get into doggy style. I moved and he got behind her giving her ass a few hard spanks. Then he pushed his cock against her pussy, teasing her with the tip.

The Tease - Then he made her beg for it and she did, begging for his big cock, begging to be pounded. He asked what about my cock and she said it is too small compared to his. With that he slammed his cock deep and hard, with long hard thrusts over and over, rocking her whole body while spanking her ass.

He told me to kiss her and stare into her eyes. I tried to kiss her but she was moaning as he kept hammering into her. Then her eyes closed as she was about to orgasm again.

Then they opened as he pushed his thumb into her ass, slamming his cock deep, she orgasmed louder than I had ever heard before. I heard him grunt as well. As he came his cock was buried deep inside her.

When he slid his cock out he told my wife to suck him clean, and told me to lick her pussy clean, we both obeyed.

Aftermath - After he was happy he walked out leaving me still eating his cum from her pussy. She finally unlocked me and told me I could fuck her now.

I tried but her pussy was so loose she could barely feel my small cock which she made a point to tell me. I only lasted about 30 seconds before I came in her.

She told me to lie down and proceeded to ride my face for one last orgasm. We have enjoyed his company a few more times since then.


Anchorage has a lot to offer. There are plenty of men who want to find another male for their wives to have some sexual fun with while they participate or even just watch.

A Cuckold Man

A Cuckold Man

Happy Cucking!

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