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Welcome to Stockton and to our cuckold personals and classified ads. The city is situated along the California Delta, offering stunning waterways for boating, fishing, and kayaking. Nearby, the 3,000-acre Oak Grove Regional Park provides ample space for picnicking, hiking, and bird-watching. In addition to all that informational stuff, there are wives who are turned on by the idea of looking for other men to have sex with.

My GF had a Crazy Night out Clubbing!

The Start - Typing this after we just had some amazing sex upon arriving home, after the most progress so far with regards to wife sharing/cuckolding.

Gf loves talking dirty and teasing me with fantasies but yesterday is the realest it's felt this far. I've always told her what I want her to do and this feels like a first big step in that direction.

Her bestie was visiting from Scottsdale and gf wanted to have fun with her.

Going Out - She went out clubbing with her bestie and made sure I had an excuse to stay in the room, but not before explicitly asking if she had permission to dance with others since I wouldn't be going. I of course said yes hopeful that she would have some fun grinding moments like the last time she was here without me, but not really expecting too much since we have had close calls and fantasies but nothing concrete. This is the first time it's really felt real and I love her for going through with it.

While she was out and about, I was back at the room sniffing her panties and imagining all the dirty things she'd be doing. I was hoping and imagining her coming back with a wet and cum filled pussy, ready for a cleanup and sloppy seconds.

I came once without her while she was out having fun, just masturbating and smelling her panties and I was not expecting another round since we were staying in a joint room, with her best friend. My refractory period can be a little long so I thought I was safe until the next day when we got back. Boy was I wrong in the best of ways.

She came back tipsy and extremely horny. She made a move as soon as we were in bed together. As soon as she heard her friend snoring she started rubbing her ass on me and reaching for my dick. Then she started whispering in my ear about how horny she was because of her night out, and my soldier sprang back into action.

I got a few details that night like how she got her tits sucked in the club, fingered and danced around with a few guys before settling with a particular one.

Like I said she was still super horny and basically needed sex right then and there, and to top it off wanted a creampie very badly (she's not on BC anymore so creampies are out of the picture, and she loves them). All that combined with what she whispered in my ear with her friend right across from us meant I didn't last long.

Storytelling Sex - That surprised me given the fact I had just come not even 30-40 minutes before she came back up (like I said my refractory period is long so this was almost nothing and I was rock hard). I blasted her ass with cum after a few pumps into her soaking pussy, but she was insatiable asking for more.

We retired to the bathroom that night where I fingered her and ate her out as quietly as I could but it was tough without making any noise. I was afraid of waking her friend but as she got closer I ate her out faster and fingered like my life depended on it until she came. Even after that she still wanted more that I don't think I could've given.

A detail I found out the next day is that she had already cum earlier that night at the club hence why I was putting in a bit more mouth work than usual to get her to finish, also super hot. I had wished she had told me when I was eating her out as that would have put me into even more overdrive.

It wasn't until today that I got more juicy details about what went down that night, and I'm glad she was ready to tell.

As soon as we got home she asked if I wanted to ask or inquire about what happened at the club last night and I of course said yes.

The Club - Then she went on to tell me how she found a nice guy who bought her some drinks (that she donated to her friend so she could stay somewhat sober) and proceeded to dance and grind the night away with him.

They ended up sneaking away to a dark corner of the club to make out and get a bit more handsy, with him fingering and sucking on her nipples as the night went on. She even ended up with some ass bruises I noticed today from leaning up on a desk/shelf so he could have a better angle. Overall basically being a little cocktease in the club like we always talk about.

The part that surprised and turned me on the most is she let me know she made out with him and jerked him off there in the club (both a first for her) and wished she would have been able to do more.

I think this is the part where it started to feel real and made me extra hard because it's her first time touching another dick and kissing someone else besides me, and I made sure to let her know how hot I found it.

Details - My favorite detail was that he came on her slutty little black dress and I was able to see the stains the following day in the daylight, all while hoping it would've instead landed in her mouth or pussy/in her panties. I also smelled the nights panties and they were extra pungent from her wetness that night.

She wasn't able to join him in his room because she was with her best friend but talked about how thick he was and how badly she wanted him to stretch her. I got so hard telling her what a good slut she was and that she basically did exactly as I imagined while I sniffed her panties the night prior and jerked myself off while she was having her fun downstairs.

She came hard multiple times from both my tongue and from fucking her as she spilled or repeated more hot details of the night (how wet she was, how badly she wanted to go to his room and get filled, how thick he was when she jacked him off, ect.)

Another highlight was that he also didn't last very long from her handjob either and kind of surprised her with a load all over her leg and dress which I mentioned above, reinforcing how good of a little tease she was and how hot others saw her. But he was more than willing to bring her back upstairs for a round two even after cumming in the club and she would have if it weren't for her bff being with her. That would've ended a perfect night.

As soon as we got home we had another fun 2 rounds as we were both still super horny and she made sure to play with her favorite big toy, since she missed the chance to get stretched in real life that was the next best thing. She had another 2 orgasms with her toy before I came back in and gave her another and I'm hopeful this is just the beginning of something much more. We have an ad running now to double the productivity of possible males.


Stockton has a lot to offer. There are plenty of couples who want to get the wife or GF ultra horny and then send her on her way to a club to meet single guys, or find them online. Just message them and see what happens.

A Cuckold Man

A Cuckold Man

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