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Cuckold Classifieds in Anaheim, Wife in Shibari

Welcome to Anaheim and to our cuckold personals and classified ads. This city is home to Disneyland, also The Honda Center is the indoor arena where the Anaheim Ducks hockey team plays, and more. In addition to all that touristy stuff, there are wives who wish to submit to other, more dominant men.

How I Fell for a more Dominant Man

The Start - I found myself caught in a web of conflicting emotions, my thoughts entangled in a maze of desire and guilt. It all began innocently enough, as most things do. Tim, my coworker, entered my life like a quiet storm, gradually and without warning. His presence was unassuming at first, blending into the background of my daily routine. But as time passed, his features, both physical and personal, began to etch themselves into the canvas of my thoughts.

I remember the first time I really noticed him - not just as a colleague but as a man who stirred something within me. It was a casual Monday morning, and the office hummed with the usual noise of ringing phones and clicking keyboards. Tim and I found ourselves working on a project together, our desks pushed close enough that collaboration became inevitable. As we delved into the details, I couldn't help but admire the way his eyes crinkled when he smiled, or the gentle cadence of his voice as he explained intricate concepts.

The realization of my attraction hit me with an unexpected force. I was a married woman, committed to a loving husband who had been my partner in life for years. Yet here I was, feeling a magnetic pull towards someone outside the boundaries of my marriage. The guilt weighed heavily on my conscience, creating a silent war within me.

Sex - Days turned into weeks, and my fascination with Tim intensified. It wasn't just his physical appearance that captivated me; it was the shared laughter, the intellectual exchanges, and the camaraderie we developed. Our professional relationship evolved into a friendship that felt dangerously close to the edge of something more. We had a work conference in San Jose and that was altogether a whole other story.

The guilt, however, gnawed at the edges of my consciousness. I felt like a traitor within my own marriage, a spectator in a forbidden realm of desire. I couldn't escape the realization that I was emotionally straying, allowing my thoughts to wander into uncharted territory. It wasn't fair to my husband, who had given me love, stability, and unwavering support.

Yet, despite my internal conflict, I couldn't deny the intoxicating thrill of being noticed and appreciated by someone outside the familiar confines of my marriage. Tim's compliments, though subtle, ignited a spark within me. His attention felt like a balm to insecurities I hadn't realized existed. In those stolen moments of connection, I felt alive in a way that was both exhilarating and terrifying. He was dominant too, I could just feel it. A woman knows.

The workplace became a playground of subtle gestures and stolen glances. Innocent conversations morphed into shared confidences, each word a thread weaving a tapestry of intimacy that I hadn't anticipated. Tim and I became confidantes, sharing snippets of our lives outside the office. It was a dangerous dance, a balancing act on the precipice of betrayal.

As the intensity of my feelings grew, so did my internal struggle. I questioned the foundations of my marriage and the nature of fidelity. Was it possible to love someone deeply and still be drawn to another? The moral compass that had guided me for years now spun wildly, pointing in conflicting directions. I started to think about sex too often, and come to completion thinking about him, every, single night. Was that betrayal?

My Transformation - One evening, after a particularly charged conversation with Tim, I found myself staring at my reflection in the bathroom mirror. The woman staring back at me seemed like a stranger, her eyes clouded with uncertainty and desire. I felt torn between the comfort of familiarity and the allure of the unknown. In the quiet moments of the night, I grappled with the weight of my choices. Did I want to jeopardize the sanctity of my marriage for the fleeting excitement of a connection with Tim? The answer should have been clear, but emotions are rarely rational. I yearned for the thrill of the forbidden, the intoxication of crossing a line that had been etched in the sands of commitment.

My husband, unsuspecting and trusting, continued to be the pillar of support he had always been. I couldn't bring myself to share the turbulence within me, fearing the irreparable damage it might cause. The secrecy became its own burden, a heavy cloak of deception that I wore uncomfortably.

As the months unfolded, I realized that my yearning for Tim was not just about him; it was a reflection of the unresolved desires and unexplored facets of my own self. The attraction became a mirror, forcing me to confront the complexities of my own identity. I questioned whether my feelings were a symptom of something lacking in my marriage or a manifestation of my own internal struggles.

I wanted to be desired, taken, tied up, surrendered to someone, no, made to surrender! I wanted Tim to dominate me, my whole body, to be his.

Choice - In the midst of this emotional turmoil, a sobering truth emerged. The choice was mine to make - to succumb to the allure of an affair or to confront the issues within myself and my marriage head-on. The path of self-discovery was daunting, requiring honesty and vulnerability. It meant facing uncomfortable truths and acknowledging the shadows that lingered in the corners of my heart.

In the end, I chose the harder path - the path of introspection and open communication. I initiated a difficult conversation with my husband, laying bare the conflicting emotions that had been festering within me. It was a painful process, filled with tears and raw vulnerability. Yet, it was also a cathartic release, an admittance that I wanted someone new.

I told my husband I had no choice, that my desire had taken over me. We confronted the underlying issues that had led me down a perilous path. We rediscovered the strength of our bond, acknowledging the imperfections that make a marriage resilient. It was a journey of healing and growth, one that required both of us to confront our insecurities and fears.

The attraction to Tim got stronger. The workplace dynamics shifted, boundaries were reestablished, and our interactions became rooted in a sexual context. I learned the importance of setting clear boundaries and prioritizing the commitments that truly mattered, AND eating my cake as well.

The experience, though tumultuous, became a catalyst for personal growth. It forced me to confront the complexities of desire and commitment, challenging preconceived notions about the nature of fidelity. In the end, it was a testament to the resilience of love when confronted with the shadows of temptation. I could have both, and I wanted it.

Cuckolding - On friday I finally got a chance to make my dream come true when I was finally about to meet Tim in a more intimate setting. He had an expensive looking apartment but I didn't really have time to look around the place as he took my hand and guided me into his bedroom quite assertively. There he started to get more handsy and started feeling me up and unzipping my dress as well. I knew exactly what he wanted and I got on my knees like a good girl after first unzipping his pants to reveal a smoothly shaved member.

I don't know how long I was sucking him for but I would've continued all night if he didn't tell me to get on his bed with my ass up.

He started to tie me up. And I couldn't stop lubricating.

Then, he started eating me out and had a really skilled tongue I have to admit, but I was just aching to already have his dominant, manly member inside me. After what felt like an eternity he finally got behind me and after positioning himself and started thrusting inside.

It felt so good and it was even better than I had ever imagined it would be. Giving my married body to another gentleman while my husband was at home was the hottest thing I've ever done.

It ended up being a very long evening but it was very much worth it.<333


Anaheim has a lot to offer. There are plenty of wives who want to cheat on their hsuabnds, or better yet, get them to be submissive and go out and have fun with dominant boyfriends.

A Cuckold Man

A Cuckold Man

Happy Cucking!

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