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Welcome to Columbus and to our cuckold personals and classified ads. This city is known for having a vibe that's young, hip and innovative, due to an innovative arts culture and booming tech industry. Ohio's state capital is also home to one of the largest college campuses in the country. In addition to all that informational stuff, there are wives who pretend that they want to be monogamous but deep down want to try other sexual partners.

My Wife Cheated on our Anniversary

It happened - So it happened! My wife got fucked by her favourite bull after something like 2 years, and it happened while I was caged up and watching on our wedding anniversary!

We got super busy and only just got the chance to put the videos together, last night we watched them and she got so fucking wet.

She met him on a trip to Garland and my online fellow cucks wanted to know how it went down so I'm watching them back again, alone, and I'll do my best to tell the story :)

How it went Down - My wife and I got ready. I got caged and she got into a slinky green dress. Originally we planned for her to answer the door but she was nervous so I greeted him instead. I poured him a drink and we went into the bedroom where she was laying back on the bed, looking hot.

They immediately started giggling and flirting like old times. He had a bag full of stuff which he put down near the bed. Soon enough, he helped lock my wrists to the chair at the end of the bed.

The camera was set up right next to me at my shoulder, so I can't ever see anything they didn't want to show me. A big photo of our wedding day was positioned right next to the bed, in full view. They giggled and flirted and joked for a bit, it was really cute. I didn't say much, I just watched and smiled.

Eventually, he sat on the bed next to her and kissed her. She kissed back. Her hand reached up and cradled the back of his head as if to say "don't go".

Then they pulled away and looked at me, both with a cheeky smile, my wife's face was red and she was being shy. He asked if I liked that and I nodded. Then they laid back on the bed, heads on pillows, legs aimed straight towards me. They embraced again, and his hand went wandering. I could see him pull her leg over him and reveal the pink panties under her lifted dress. He obviously enjoyed rediscovering the shape of her ass and it looked hot from my angle. I wanted to touch my cock so badly.

He made her Hum - Soon his fingers slipped behind the fabric and she hummed a bit as her toucher her pussy. She started rocking her hips towards him, but they didn't stop kissing - except when she whispered something to him that they both laughed at. Then with a playful spank he rolled away and knelt on the bed to take her underwear off. He came over and put them over my head - thankfully in a way that I could still see - and they both teased me a bit.

Then he went back to the bed, and lay on his back with his head at my end. He beckoned my wife over to him and got her to straddle his face, her back to me. He wrapped his arms around her hips from underneath, so his big strong hands could grab her ass cheeks and pull them apart while his tongue went to work. She gently tilted her hips and moaned.

But it wasn't even 10 seconds before she leant forward and I could tell she was undoing his belt and pants. She literally laughed with joy when she got his cock out and he mumbled something from between her legs and she said "yes!" But all I could see of her actions was the back of her head bobbing up and down, over the creast of her naked ass.

I so desperately wanted to watch - she's genuinely got incredible blowjob technique and I could her her bull moaning while he had a mouthful of her pussy. This lasted quite a while...(side note, on the video, which we didn't notice at the time, one of our lamps was casting a nearly perfect shadow of his cock and her head moving up and down it!)

Then she climbed off his face and lay beside him in a way that allowed me to finally see he his cock again - and I did a little happy laugh just like she did before. In response she looked me in the eyes and started sucking it again, this time so I could see. He moaned and made some comment about my liking it; but I was getting really hard in my cage and my face was getting red and hot with cuckold jealousy so I just bit my lip and stared right at it.

Getting Sexual - I think I missed seeing his cock as much as she missed having it inside her. I know she missed it because he got barely a minute of solo attention before she stood up on the bed, hiked her dress up, and squatted down on it - giving me a clear view of it slipping easily inside her.

She bounced, and grinded, and bounced, and grinded again, alternating between her favorite movements in the cowgirl position. She began gasping and moaning breathlessly - it wasn't from exertion, it was because his cock hits her in all the right places. She makes noises with him I never hear her make otherwise. I heard those noises again that night. But I didn't see the penetration - the way her thighs moved and the hand she placed on his chest for support obscured the "finer" details.

That only fired me up more and I squirmed in my locks and chains. My wife opened her eyes for a sec and asked "Did you unlock yourself?" and I could barely mumble a "No" before she had her first little orgasm of the night... which made her wriggle and moan and slip off his dick. She said sorry to him, and he just laughed, and then she lifted herself up and slid him right back inside her.

This time he put his hands on her knees and helped her rock back and forth. This made her shriek with pleasure and her head fell back while he brought her to another, much bigger orgasm - which made her slump forward and she barely caught herself but planted each hand either side of his head.

I was Irrelevant - I could see her smile at him and and give him a passionate thankyou kiss, before somehow, I don't know how, reaching between them and obviously slipping his cock right back inside her. They passionately made love like this, with her on top, for a little while, enough for me to wonder if they'd forgotten I was there.

She did look up evetually though, to look right at me and express (without words) how good it felt. He pushed her back up into the cowgirl position and began gently massaging her breasts, until they worked together to slip the green dress up and over her head, revealing a pretty pink bra, whiched matched the panties I still had on my head.

He held her hips and guided her through short sharp movements while he moved his hips up and down for her. That's when she had orgasm number three - even louder, even wilder, even sexier. She fell forward again, this time I assume with his big thick dick still inside her, and once again they spent some time kissing passionately and gently making love.

Anyway I'm going to take a break here, I'm not even halfway through this and I've already cum twice while watching the video and writing this up.

More cool things happened I want to share another time.


Columbus has a lot to offer. There are plenty of wives and couples who want to enjoy an alternative lifestyle within their marriage and find other men. Just message them and see what happens.

A Cuckold Man

A Cuckold Man

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